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Discover How To Enjoy Better Intimacy In YOUR Relationship

Are you and your partner an "Intimate Couple"? You know the kind ... the one that you only dream about?

If Not ... Why Not?

Are you concerned at all ...

  • That sex is just another thing on your "to-do" list?
  • That your relationship is stuck in limbo, and you want to know how to change it?
  • That the magic in your relationship will never return?

    Todays Intimate Couple ... Taking The Time To Enrich YOUR Relationship, beyond your imagination!

    This is the only site where Intimacy, Romance and Sexual Pleasure come together to give you the Best Things in Life!
    This site is for you, IF, you are searching for unique and creative ways to keep your relationship on FIRE!

    Discover How You Will Get The Most Out Of Your Relationship, Romantic Love Making and Fulfill Your Sexual Desires

    It's time to Spice up YOUR Love Life with a touch of naughtiness!!

    If you have been searching for genuine help in improving your .....


    Love Life

    Sex Life

    You probably didn't find much, did you? I'll bet you landed on sites that you couldn't click off of quick enough (been there, done that).

    Rediscover the deep love that first brought you together!

    Creating a stronger and more intimate bond between you and your partner, creates a life-long sensual and sexual journey, which is fun, exciting and exhilarating!

    Are you ready?

    Whether you are in a long-term relationship, newly married, or dating, you will find Romantic Tips, Honest Reviews and My Personal Experiences on ...

    Enjoying Amazing Sex

    Unleashing Your Sexual Inhibitions

    Romantic Ways To Say "I Love YOU"

    Unique Romantic Ideas

    Achieving an intimate relationship is a high priority for many couples of any age! That is exactly why Todays Intimate Couple, exists.

    It's been inspired by my own relationship and the many people just like you, that are looking for fresh and exciting ways to enhance intimacy, romance, and sexual pleasure in their lives!

    Oh, and by the way, speaking about achieving this type of intimacy with your parnter ---
    This might be a good time to oil your bedsprings. They are about to get a workout!

    Over 50 ?

    Want to make your "Good" Relationship, even BETTER?

    Think it's too late to take your relationship to the next level?

    Re-discover ... great sex after 50, romance, passion, and intimacy - in the next stage of life!

    You will find many tips and ideas at Todays Intimate Couple, that will help you re-ignite the fire in your relationship ... I guarantee it!

    Rediscover Amazing Sex

    Learn How To Re-Kindle The Romance

    It's time to uncover sexual pleasure, and bring your relationship and love making to a new level!

    I hope that Todays Intimate Couple will be helpful, insightful, and bring you pleasure ... but most of all, to encourage you to have the relationship, you've always dreamed about!

    This is a young site, but as it grows, I will be adding more info ... honest reviews of quality products, tasteful enhancements for your pleasure and links to good resources, for you to get the most out of your relationship.

    I update frequently, so please subscribe to my monthly newsletter, Intimate Inspirations. It tells you each month about the new information that I have added, including interesting tips, ideas and stories by other Romantic Couples.

    Want to know who I am, and how it all began? Meet Karen!

    Okay, enough chatter ... Let's begin ...

    "About Me" | Behind The Scenes Of
    About Me - Discover What will you find? Romantic surprise ideas, intimate romantic games, improving intimacy, better love making tips and more.
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    Romantic Tips | Romantic Surprise Ideas
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    Simple Ways To Say I Love You | How To Be Romantic Tonight
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    How To Be Romantic | Romantic Conversation Starters
    Don't think you know how to be romantic? Finally, romance tips, romantic date ideas, romantic games and so much more, to show your partner how much you care. and so much more.
    Relationship Conversation Starters | Romantic Conversation Topics
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    Inexpensive Anniversary Ideas | Romantic Anniversary Ideas
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    Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Couples | Decorating Romantic Bedrooms
    Need inspiration? Easy romantic bedroom ideas to help you put the sizzle back into your bedroom. Re-ignite the bedroom romance in your relationship, tonight.
    Fun Conversation Starters For Couples | Intimate Conversation Topics
    Unique conversation starters for couples. Discover these self-discovery questions to enrich your relationship. Whether you've been married a year, a decade or starting over.
    Romantic Surprise Ideas | How To Be Romantic
    Romantic surprise ideas that will keep your relationship smoking hot. Discovering how to be romantic and your imagination is all it takes to transform your relationship from boring to sizzling.
    Unique And Fun Relationship Questions To Ask Your Lover
    Reclaim your love life with fun relationship questions to ask your lover. A love quiz can help you know your partner even better, no matter how many decades you've been together.
    Romantic Anniversary Ideas To Help You Celebrate Your Love
    Romantic Anniversary Ideas to take the pressure off of you. Need help with an idea? Try one of these great anniversary ideas that won't break the bank, and never be forgotten!
    Romantic Conversation Starters | Discover The Art of Conversation
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    Inexpensive Romantic Ideas | How To Be Romantic On A Budget
    Inexpensive romantic ideas have you looking cheap? Learn that the best ways to be romantic, are simple and inexpensive. Discover these free and unique ideas and turn up the heat tonight.
    1000 Questions For Couples Book Review | Todays Intimate Couple
    I recently received my copy of 1000 Questions For Couples. Think you know everything about your partner? Want to improve intimacy and romance? Check out my review.
    Bedroom Romance | Romantic Bedroom Ideas
    Reclaim your love life. 5 tips to bedroom romance right in your own home! Simple romantic bedroom ideas to transform your love life today.
    Building Intimacy | Intimacy Exercies and Tips For You
    Building intimacy is crucial for a lasting relationship. Keeping the romance alive can be tough in a loveless marriage. This intimacy tip is worth taking a peak.
    Romantic Love Making | Real Love Making For The Intimate Couple
    Discover romantic love making tips and take your relationship to the next level. Spice up your love life tonight! Learn to be a romantic couple all over again!
    Enjoy Better Love Making | Romantic Love Making Tips Revealed
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    At Last, Intimacy Tips To Transform Your Relationship Starting Today
    Awaken your desire with couples intimacy tips. How to have better sex starts with better intimacy in your relationship.
    Intimate Romantic Games | Romantic Games For Two
    Has your sexual connection become unplugged? Discover intimate romantic games just for the two of you. Increase intimacy and rekindle romance with these romantic games for two.
    Intimate Toys For Todays Intimate Couple
    Embarrassed about using intimate toys with your sexual experience? Intercourse isn't the only option to enjoying better sex. Enjoy very intimate pleasures when you experiement with sex aids.
    Intimate Toys For Couples - Myths and Facts Uncovered
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    Adult Sex Toys | Intimate Toys And Today's Intimate Couple
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    Romantic Card Games | Sexy Adult Games
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    Questions To Ask Your Lover – Interesting Conversation Topics
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    Female Sexual Arousal | How To Have Better Sex and More Of It
    Secrets revealed for enhancing female sexual arousal. Learn these foreplay techniques and tips to stimulate her senses and have her begging for more.
    Romantic Sex | Real Love Making For Todays Intimate Couple
    Do you desire romantic sex? Unleash your sexual energy and awaken the desire in your relationship. Learn how to take your romantic love making to the next level!
    Sexual Seduction Tips | Love And Romance Advice For Couples
    The secrets to female sexual seduction you need to know. Unleashing your sexal energy with sexual foreplay is one way of saving a marriage. Love and romance advice for your life!
    Sexless Marriage Quiz | Better Intimacy Is Waiting For YOU
    Take this simple sexless marriage quiz. Are you in a sexless relationship and you want to know how to fix it? What have you got to loose?
    Help For A Sexless Marriage | Understanding The Common Causes
    Think you're in a sexless marriage? You're not alone. Discover the secrets to help you reclaim your sex life.
    Improving Sexual Intimacy Starts With These Foreplay Techniques And Tips
    Secrets to improving sexual intimacy starts here! Awaken the desire in your relationship with these tips to the best sex ever..
    Secrets To Communicating Sexually | Communicating Your Sexual Desires
    Does communicating sexually have you feeling embarrassed or afraid? How comfortable are you with communicating your sexual needs? Discover these secrets and awaken your sexual desires.
    Sexual Inhibitions Uncovered | Tips To Overcome Erotophobia
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    How To Overcome Sexual Inhibitions | Improving Intimacy In Your Relationship
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    Enjoy Better Intimacy | Intimacy In Marriage
    Want to enjoy better intimacy in your relationship? You are only a few steps away to building intimacy and transforming your relationship!
    Romantic Intimacy -The Secrets Revealed To Building Intimacy
    At last, the secrets to rekindle romantic intimacy in your relationship and enjoy better love making and a deeper connection with your partner. Today!
    Long Distance Relationship Advice | How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship
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    Relationship Rescue Secrets | Tips To Saving A Marriage
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    Relationship Tips For Men | Men And Intimacy
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    Dating Advice For Men | Ideas For A Fun Date
    Best dating advice for men. Feeling clueless when it comes to dating? Overcome the hurdles and blunders of dating, there is love waiting for you.
    Women And Intimacy Issues | Relationship Advice On Line
    Find out why the definition of Women and intimacy is so opposite from your partner's. Discover unique ways to keep your relationship on fire and become an intimate couple.
    Intimacy After 50 | Sex Over 50 | Over 50s Dating
    Secrets to rediscovering intimacy after 50. At last, great tips to re-discovering life after 50, dating after 50, sex after 50 and so much more. Look out world the Baby Boomers are at it again.
    Enjoying Great Sex After 50 | Secrets To Romantic Love Making
    The secrets to enjoying great sex after 50 and beyond uncovered. These sex tips for couples or singles will make your next encounter more satisfying, playful and spontaneous.
    Life After Breast Cancer | Sexuality After Breast Cancer
    Your treatment is over, what happens now? Is there a romantic life after breast cancer? Learn how to have better sex after breast cancer, better intimacy and much more.
    How To Contact Me At Todays Intimate Couple
    This is the place to contact me with questions, ideas and tips. An intimate site were you can transform your relationship.
    Intimate Inspirations | Become Today's Intimate Couple
    Intimate Inspirations. An e-zine for lovers searching for unique ways to strengthen their relationship, improve intimacy, enjoy the best romantic love making possible with their partner.
    Interesting Links For Todays Intimate Couple
    Links to great resources to help you get the most out of your romantic love making, building a better relationship and much more.
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    Todays Intimate Couple. Visitors' Stories, Ideas and Tips
    Tell your story! Todays Intimate Couple, the place for improving intimacy and transforming your relationship into a love affair. Contributed by visitors from around the world.
    Site Build It | Build A Website With S.B.I.
    Build a website with Site Build It. Discover how you can create a website with these SBI Video testimonials.
    Building A Website | Behind The Scenes Of Todays Intimate Couple
    Discover how building a website, changed my life. With no experience, or computer knowledge, just passion to share my story.
    Breast Cancer And Sexuality | Living Beyond Breast Cancer
    Intimacy tips to overcome breast cancer and sexuality. Living beyond breast cancer without the obsticles, and enjoy romantic love making once again.
    Breast Cancer Survivor Stories | Your Guide To Life After Cancer
    Breast cancer survivor stories can inspire you. This is my breast cancer story. There is life after breast cancer. Rediscover sex after breast cancer and much more.
    Sex After Breast Cancer | Yes, There's Life After Cancer
    How to enjoy better intimacy and sex after breast cancer, even when you don't think it's ever possible. There is life after cancer, one step at a time.
    Learn To Communicate Sexually | Awaken Your Sexual Desire
    Discover the secrets to communicate sexually. Improving sexual intimacy begins with communicating your sexual needs and desires.
    Intimate Conversation Topics | Sensual Questions For Couples
    Explore intimate conversation topics if you want to awaken the desire in your relationship. Discover the secret desires of your partner and enjoy romantic love making.
    Communicate Your Sexual Needs | Intimacy Guide For Couples
    Learn to communicate your sexual needs without fear. Are you tongue tied when it comes to sexual communication? Explore new sexual experiences, sensations and watch your sexual intimacy skyrocket.
    Couples Intimacy | Building Intimacy Is Only One Click Away
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    Intimacy In Marriage | Become An Intimate Couple Again
    Secrets to better Intimacy in marriage. Awaken the desire in your relationship and enjoy the best sex ever. Experience an unstoppable relationship.
    Sexy Adult Games
    Sexy adult games that will turn your sex life around. Discover how good your sex life can be when you play together.
    Surviving A Long Distance Relationship | Long Distance Love
    Surviving a long distance relationship is never easy! The emotions are endless. Discover the secrets to conquering the roadblocks at todays-intimate-couple
    Men And Intimacy | Relationship Tips For Men
    Men and intimacy, secrets revealed. At last, relationship tips for men that will get you sex and more of it.
    Romantic Ideas For Men | Men And Relationships
    Romantic ideas for men. Try these good romantic ideas and enjoy better sex and more of it. It's no secret, women love and desire more intimacy and romance in a relationship.
    Romantic and Unique Gifts For Women - Show Her How You Feel
    Need a fresh idea? Discover unique gifts for women, the ones she'll never forget. Show her how much she means to you more than one a year.
    Senior Sex | Sex Over 50 | Sex After Menopause
    Senior sex tips for boosting your sexual energy and awakening your desire. Discover the secrets to great sex after 50 and beyond. Baby Boomers are raising the bar once again.
    Better Sex After 50 | Sexual Myths Uncovered
    Find out how you can enjoy better sex after 50. Uncover these sexual myths that can rob you from romantic love making and an unstoppable relationship.
    Sex Etiquette and Over 50 Dating Tips
    Worried your sex etiquette skills have gone missing? Heading for intimacy? Learn these 6 Do's and Don't before you take the next step.
    7 Sensuous Ideas For Improving Sexual Intimacy | Todays Intimate
    Discover 7 sensuous ideas for improving sexual intimacy in your relationship. Be creative and daring and take romantic love making to a new level.
    Overcome Communication Breakdown In Your Relationship
    Don't let communication breakdown be the end of your relationship. Discover how to saving a marriage from ending in divorce is possible.
    How To Forgive In A Relationship
    Learning how to forgive the person you love may seem impossible. With a little work you can start to rebuild the relationship you once shared. Is your relationship worth saving?
    Rekindle Passion - Once Difficult, Now Easy
    Discover how to rekindle passion, and reclaim your love life with these 7 relationship rescue secrets to get your love life back on track! It's time to create some magic
    How To Rekindle Romance | Saving A Marriage From Boredom
    Is your relationship on life support? The 5 Secrets you must learn to rekindle romance and reclaim your love life!
    Rekindling A Marriage | Top 9 Relationship RescueTips
    Rekindling a marriage is never too late! Are you frustrated that your's isn't what you dreamed it would be? Do you struggle for intimacy? It's never too late, if you are up to the challege.
    Signs Of A Bad Relationship | Is It Too Late?
    Going through the motions? Compare these top 10 signs of a bad relationship with the one you're in. Is it time to "fix it" or "get out"?
    Transform Your Marriage Today | Ways To Save A Marriage
    3 Tips to transform your marriage. Worried your relationship will never be the kind you fantasized about? There are ways to saving a marriage and enjoying a healthy relationshipthey are here.
    Unconditional Love | Frustrated With Your Relationship?
    Marriage in turmoil? Learn how showing unconditional love is one step to saving a marriage, before you throw in the towel.
    Romantic Text Message | How To Be Romantic
    Can a romantic text message create better intimacy? Discover one small thing that can make a huge difference in your relationship starting today!
    10 Unforgettable Romantic Evening Ideas | Romantic Date Ideas
    Experience an unforgettable romantic evening. Ideas to create memories to last a lifetime. 10 Romantic evening ideas to kick start your love life.
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