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Romantic Conversation Starters

Discover The Topics That Will Ignite Arousal And Move You Forward To Improving Intimacy

1000 Questions For Intimate Couples

"These questions will draw you closer than you ever imagined..."

Discovering the right romantic conversation starters, can boost your sexual energy, heighten your arousal for sexual pleasure, and deepen the intimacy and desire in any relationship., Regardless of how long you have been together.

Are your communication skills improving the intimacy in your relationship? And if not, why not?

It's a fact:   women LOVE a man that can stimulate more than just our sexual side.  We love a man that can stimulate our minds as well!

If you are like most couples, there comes a time in any relationship when great conversation can cease to exist.  (So, rest assure, that you are NOT alone!)

It's true, even the closest of couples, run out of things to say.

Whether you are kick starting a fading relationship, newly married, or starting over ... romantic conversations starters will help you on the road to improving intimacy in your relationship.

Let's set the scene ...

You are alone at home together, with soft romantic music playing, the candles are lit, the wine is poured, you are both cuddled up together ...

It's time for heating the conversation up, some "getting to know you better" time, and verbal foreplay!

Romantic Conversation Starters

  • Do you think there is a difference between romance, love and sex?   ** Go one step further with this one, and ask your partner how he/she would define each word.
  •  What was the first thing that caught your attention about me?
  • What was the first thing that attracted you to me?
  • What do you find sexy about me?
  • How would you describe my scent?
  • When have you felt the most love by me?
  • What is the happiest moments that you've spent with me?
  • What romantic song reflects our relationship?
  • What romantic movie reflects our relationship?
  • What is the most romantic memory you have of us together?
  • How would you describe romance?
  • What things are essential for a romantic evening together?
  • What would be your favorite way to spend a romantic day/evening with me?
  • What is your definition of intimacy?
  • Where would be the most romantic place to spend our next vacation?
  • What is your favorite romantic meal?

Phew!  Think my list would never end?  Actually the list is endless!   I've given you some of my favorite ones to use or possibly spark your creative juices to think of your own.

Even if you only choose a couple of these romantic conversation starters, get ready to be surprised by what you will learn! (in a good way of course)

I think you will find that you will only get through a couple (if that) of these romantic questions! 

WHY?   An answer may just last for hours!

Get creative, think of romantic topics that are "out-of-the-box".  Let your imagination go wild!!!

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