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Are you in love? Are you looking for unique Romantic ways to say I Love You to that special person in your life?

Whether you are in a new relationship or looking to rekindle the romance in your life, you have come to the right spot.

Do you listen to romantic songs on the radio, and wish that you could express your love that way?

It often happens that though we love someone from the bottom of our heart, we are never quite able to express it in a unique way.

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I would love to hear your secrets of love and I'm sure other visitors to this page would also! Please do tell!!

For those of you who are totally clueless about how to express your love, no need to worry. I have put a great list of my favorite "Romantic Ways To Say I LOVE YOU!"

You may want to have paper and pen on hand to take notes. These are definitely guaranteed to spice up your love life!

Are you ready? Great! Let's get Romantic!!!!

YOU can do it!!!!

The Most Romantic Ways To Say I Love You

1. Make a CD --
Get a collection of your lover's favorite romantic music. If at all possible, try adding your own personal romantic message between the songs.

You could also attach to a lusty love note to set the ambiance for an incredible evening of pleasure!

romantic ways to say i love you, intimate couple, good romantic ideas, improving intimacy

2. Send Flowers For No Reason At All --
Flowers were, are and forever will be one of the most romantic ways of showing your love and affection.

A single deep red rose conveys a short and simple message ... "I Love You!"

3. Language of Love --
If your lover happens to enjoy languages, try saying "I Love You" in as many languages as you can. Thank goodness for the invention of the internet, you CAN do this!

Romantic Ways To Say I LOVE YOU, Will Be Forever Cherished!

4. Write A Love Letter --
Write about the feelings you felt when you first met. Write about the first time you knew you were in love. Write about how you felt when you shared your first kiss.

Something even more romantic?

Write your love letter for the world to see! Create a Romantic Web Page, right here on my web site. It's fun, easy and best of all ... it's FREE!

A love letter to your sweetheart that he/she will treasure forever!!

5. Join Your Lover In The Shower --
If you haven't already tried this, it's a must for any intimate couple!

Take turns lathering each other up. You will find that your soapy touch will turn into romantic foreplay!!

If your shower isn't big enough for the two of you, share a romantic bubble bath together. Add a glass of wine and a few candles and WOW!

6. Change Your Alarm --
By setting it 15 minutes earlier in the morning, this will give you time to spend cuddling.

What a way to start the day, and anticipate the evening ahead!

Romantic Ways To Say I LOVE YOU Never Goes Unnoticed!

ways to say i love you, intimate couple, good romantic ideas, bedroom romance

7. Let Your Creative Juices Flow --
Come up with 365 reasons why you love him/her and write each one down, as a separate note. Each day leave one somewhere different, for your lover to read.

8. An Intimate Gift --
You don't have to "break the bank". A token of your love will surely give him/her a message of what you are wanting to say. (I LOVE YOU!)

9. Romantic Dinners --
Whether you dress up and hit a classy romantic restaurant, or set the scene at home with a romantic candlelight dinner for two.

Dinner dates should always be a priority, no matter how long you have been together with your partner.

This goes a long way in keeping the romance alive in any relationship!

Romantic Ways To Say I LOVE YOU, Are Never Forgotten!

10. Leave A Romantic Message --
Guaranteed to bring a smile to their face! Leave a romantic message on her/his voice mail. You could also send an "I Love You", "Just Thinking Of You", or "You Fill Me With Desire", to his/her e-mail.

Leaving one of these messages, you will have him/her thinking about you all day!

romantic ways to say i love you, good romantic ideas, intimate couple, adult romance ideas

11. Recall Special Memories --
Write down 25 of your favorite memories spent together.

Have your partner add to the list, as well as, share plans, hopes and dreams for your future together.

12. Plan A Surprise Picnic --
A picnic can be anywhere! On the beach, in a park, or in your backyard. Anywhere you can share time together.

A great time for a romantic picnic is in the evening to watch the sun set.

Weather not nice? Move the picnic to the living room floor, complete with blanket, candles, wine and some of your favorite munchies.

The key to being "Todays Intimate Couple", is never giving up on adding more Passion and Romance to your relationship!

Romantic Ways To Say I LOVE YOU! ... Are Priceless!!!

How Do You Say "I Love You"?

How do you express those simple little words, to the one you love?

Do you have a great idea or tip to share with other Romantic visiting this page? Please Tell!!

Inspire and be inspired by the other romantics on this page.

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