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Oh sure it's easy to say those 3 magical words in the beginning of any relationship, when things are "hot" and "steamy". The freshness of new love brings romantic gestures and "The I Love You" words leaping out of your mouth.

Then what happens, a few years down the road?

Get home from work, make dinner and get comfy on the sofa watching T.V. - night after night. Sound familiar?

It's time to change all that, if you are looking to rekindle the romance and improve the intimacy in your relationship!

The longer you've been with your significant other, the easier it becomes to forget the little things that keep romance and desire in the air.

I'll let you in on a little secret ... never stop finding unique ways to say "I Love You". This really does show your partner just how much you care!

And if you were wondering ... it never goes out of style! No, NOT ever!!

Romantic Ways To Say I Love You

Leave A Romantic Message

No matter how long you have been together with your partner ... finding an "I Love You" message or words from your heart can't help but stir emotions. Leave a message on his/her voice mail, e-mail or your answering machine.

"Just Thinking Of YOU", "You Fill Me With Desire", "Have I Told You Lately How Much I Love You?" Simple words, that will have him/her thinking about YOU all day! The longer you have been together, the more necessary it is to find unique ways to keep the romance alive!

Change Your Alarm

By simply setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier in the morning, will give you time in the morning to spend cuddling. And if you set it even earlier, who knows what can happen. Hmmm, maybe a morning quickie!

Plan A Winter Picnic

Move the furniture, pull out a comfty blanket, prepare a romantic picnic basket ... and last but certainly not least ... a bottle (or two) of your favourite wine or cocktail of your choice. Light the room with the hugh of candle light and enjoy making memories that will last a life time.

Change up your regular rounting of getting up and heading out the door. Find time in your day to kiss! Not just a quick smooch on the check, I mean a real kiss.

Try something new tonight! The only limit is your imagination and the desire to make it happen!

This is a young site, so stay tuned for lots of great articles on .... sex, love, intimacy and improving your relationship!

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