All I Have To Give

by Cassy
(Lafayette, LA USA)

What I say may sound silly now, but, I never thought when we first met I would fall in love with you.

You are the air I breathe, the scent I smell, and the touch I feel. You are everything that is real. You're the first person I think of every morning when I rise and the last person I think of each night, when I close my eyes.

You have touched me deep in my soul, and you are my peace of mind. My feelings continue to grow stronger with each and every day and every move I make.

You are the future I have dreamed about since I was a little girl. You are my brighter day, and because of you the past has faded away.

I want to prove I love you, but sometimes that may be the hardest part to do.

So, I am giving all I have to give to you...I am giving You... My Heart.

Love you always and forever,


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