by Candi
(South Africa)

Show interest by listening to what they have to say.

For a week, listen attentively, ask questions the next day. Put all your focus on your loved one.

Rub his/her feet for no reason. Massage their back. Scratch their head. Cuddle and watch a movie.

Role play -> this one is a winner if you have a creative mind!

Whisper in their ear constantly how much you really really love them.

Stare at them until they notice, and then just softly say - you're beautiful / handsome.

Prepare dinner together. Take 5 minutes and just look into each others eyes with no spoken words...
Basically just let your heart do the talking, and do to your partner what you want them to do for you...

Karen's Response:
These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing your romantic ideas Candi. If everyone would try at least one of these ideas, it would definitely impact their relationship!

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