Bedroom Romance

Is Your Sex Life Smoking Hot or Hardly Smoking? - The 5 Secrets You Must Learn Now

Bedroom romance begins with you and your imagination!

The key to creating a romantic atmosphere, is first knowing how to set the stage.   Get ready to discover sexy and simple ways to make your bedroom a sexual haven.

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Regardless, of how long you and your partner have been together, you deserve a bedroom fit for royalty.  A place where the "magic" can happen!!

What better place to enjoy an inexpensive, romantic evening of passion, with the love of your life, than in the sanctuary of your own home?

How Does Your Bedroom Rate?

Ready For Romance or Ready To Sleep?

  • Do you enjoy spending time in your bedroom?   Is it a place that is calming, sensual, romantic and a pleasure to spend time in?

  • Does your bedroom look tidy and organized, OR does it look like a cyclone just went through?

  • Is it the perfect setting for a hot, and romantic evening? If not, why not?

Nothing says "Not Tonight Dear, I Have A Headache", than junk and clutter in your bedroom - Guaranteed!

To turn your bedroom into a "pleasure pit", you are going to have to get your creative juices flowing and give it a little "face-lift".

Now don't get all panicky on me ... you don't have to be an interior designer to make your bedroom romantic.  No, not at all!

With a little inspiration and a few simple ideas, anyone can do it.  Yes, even YOU!

Your bedroom should be saved for sleep, relaxation, romance and your most intimate moments ... Period!!!!

Ready to turn your bedroom into a comfortable, sensuous and romantic retreat?

Set The Stage For Bedroom Romance

1. First On The "TO DO" List:

Remove the clutter and distractions in your bedroom. Television, computer or even your workout equipment need to move out and get a place of their own.

Remove the clutter from your floor and on top of your dressers.

2. Shop Til You Drop:

When was the last time you purchased new sheets?  If you can't remember, now might be the time to buy a romantic set of soft Egyptian cotton, satin, or silk sheets.

Obviously, your bed is the one calling your names.  You want to make it comfortable, sexy and cozy - perfect for a sexy evening.

3. Color Me Romantic!

Relax guys, this doesn't mean the room has to be frilly and feminine, but it does need to be alluring.  Choosing romantic shades of bronze, gold, browns, lavender, or pearl shades, also mix well with one of the many tones of white available.

4. Ambiance:

Now for the addition of the soft glow of romantic candlelight. Nothing puts a person into a romantic mood more than the sensuous glow of candles.  Besides, everybody looks fantastic in candlelight.

P.S. Add a few candles in your bathroom, as well.  You may just decide to share a romantic bubble bath for two!

Nothing says Bedroom Romance more for me than walking into our bedroom, so see the soft glow of scented candles, romantic music playing and a couple of glasses of wine poured and ready to enjoy!

5. Romantic Accessories:

If it's in your budget (and you don't need to break the bank) ... find romantic pictures, photos or tapestry that you can put in your room.

When I talk about romance and intimacy - flowers are obviously a perfect choice.   Fresh cut flowers in a crystal vase, won't leave you broke, but this addition will certainly give your room a special touch.

Spray a sensual scent over your pillows and bed to heighten your sexual senses.  Choosing the right scent can turn your brain on to sexual pleasure.

Thinking about a romantic massage?  Don't forget to pickup a bottle of massage oil. Be ready, when the moment strikes!

Change Your Living Space and YOU Will Change Your Sex Life!

Bedroom romance, is just that .... make your bedroom ready for romance everyday!

Lights - Camera - Action

Now it's your turn!  Try it out, unplug the phone, fire up the scented candle, warm the massage oil, pour the wine, grab the sexiest CD you can find and enjoy the action!

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