How To Communicate Sexually

Ready To Rid Yourself Of Fear & Embarrassment?

Why is it ... the subject of how to communicate sexually, has many of you cringing at just the thought?  Are you embarrassed or afraid?

Is it that you've been taught that sexual conversations are taboo?   What about your needs and desires?

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

To the men out there, (and you know who you are).  You have learned to believe that you should know everything, when it comes to sexually satisfying your partner.

Hate to break it to you ... but there is always room for improvement.  Does this mean that you would feel like less of a man by asking your partner how you could better satisfy her?

And what about you ladies?  Are you feeling sexually unsatisfied?   Is sex just another thing on your "to-do list"?  Are you afraid to talk about sex with your partner, for fear of rejection, or making your partner feel inadequate and less of a man?   So instead of saying anything, you just go through the motions.

Is it the fear of rejection from your partner over topics that seem to be  "outside of the box"?  (who made that box, anyway?)

Are you ready to try new and fun sexual activities to put the excitement and thrill into your sex life, but you're too embarrassed to talk to your partner?

Well, don't be at all surprised by your partner's reaction ... chances are they may be as excited and ready to explore new and exciting sexual experiences with you, but are just as afraid.

Relax, enjoy and learn ... this guide will help you communicate your sexual needs and desires and shed you of sexual inhibitions that are holding you hostage!

Don't freak out, you are more than normal, if you are feeling more than uncomfortable with the whole of idea of sexual conversation.

It's unfortunate, but, we've been taught since birth, that talking about sex is taboo, let alone trying intimate toys!

Because of this myth, your sex life is not at all like the "Steamy Romance" novels you've read and fantasized about!

When you learn how to communicate sexually ... it's NO MYSTERY,  the intimate bond between you and the love of your life will explode!

I know it may be awkward for you (but only in the beginning), but when you learn how to communicate sexually, you will find it ... romantic, sexy and erotic - but, only when you know how to do it the right way!

Ready to experience intimacy beyond what you could possibly dream of?

Okay, let's get started on your way to experiencing intimacy with your partner like NEVER before ....

 Communicate Sexually

First things first ... be totally open and honest. Let your partner know that you want to experiment sexually, but not because he/she does not please you ... because it excites you to think that you can enjoy a new level of love making together!

Can you look into your partner's eyes and talk about sex openly?

Just Imagine ...

Tomorrow night, spending a casual evening together and being able to tell your partner exactly how you feel about sexual activities ....

  • It would turn me on to watch you turn yourself on by masturbating. 
  • Let's fire up our sex life ... why don't we go to an adult store together and buy some sex toys?
  • Let's enjoy an erotic dessert .... the menu is us!

Wish you could say this, but still not sure?

Forget The Guilt

Don't feel guilty about your sexual desires, wants and needs.   If there is something you would like to try, just ask.  Not all things on your "wish-list" are going to happen, but you will never know if you don't ask.

Be Open

Rid your mind of the sexual rules, that you have developed over the years ("good girls don't do that").   Oh, I've heard that myth, more times than you can imagine.  Be open to trying something you've never done before.  How do you know you don't like it, unless you give it a try (at least once).

Encourage Sexual Communication

Help each other feel comfortable with expressing what you want sexually.   Go ahead, ask questions and make suggestions while you are enjoying the sensual art of foreplay.

Start Outside The Bedroom

This means, NO beating around the bush!   I know discussing sex can be a tricky subject, not to mention, a nail biting experience, but the best place to start is finding your "bravery badge", and start by saying something.

A good place to start is picking up a good sex guide with photographs of positions.

Be Specific With Your Words

This is no time to beat around the bush!  Continue to share your thoughts, ideas, wants and desires with you partner ... it will not only improve the sexual intimacy in your relationship, but the intimacy in all levels of your relationship, will change for the better.

Take the time to discuss each others fantasies and sexual secrets.

Purchase a sex toy together, one that you both would like to try. Buy a book or video ... look at the picture (together) and choose a couple of new positions you might enjoy.

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Take time to develop the art, of how to communicate sexually.

It will result in a closer relationship and intimacy that is only experienced from partners that know the secrets to being open and honest in their relationship.

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