Secrets To Communicating Sexually

Discover How To Take Your Love Making To The Next Level Without Fear and Embarrassment

Communicating sexually may have your attention, but how uncomfortable does it make you feel?

You want to experiment with new positions, toys, foreplay and playfulness in the bedroom, but how do you to tell your partner?

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

  • Afraid?
  •  Embarrassed?
  • Uncomfortable?  

You are more than normal, if you are feeling that way!

Learning how to communicate sexually in any relationship is as important as breathing.  Do you desire to have the physical relationship you have only read about, you know, the ones found in those "Steamy Romance" novel?    So, why is it often the hardest thing for us to do?

Why is it like that?

Well, did you take a class in school that taught you about sexual communication?  No?  I didn't either.  We both either missed that day of school, or they never taught us the art of sexual communication.

So now what happens?   You end up sexually frustrated, because you are doing things that aren't fulfilling your sexual needs, and you don't know how to express your desires without making your partner feel inadequate.  Are you wondering how they will respond?

You're not alone ... when you can discover the magic to communicating this way, then the physical intimacy between you and your partner will take you to levels of love making that are only shared by intimate couples that know the secrets.

Communicating Sexually

The easiest way and best way to start communicating sexually ... is just get started.   Find your "Bravery Badge", and begin by asking questions?

Many of these questions may be answered with a simple yes or no ... or tune in to the movement of your partner's body.   How they respond to your kissing, caressing, licking, and sucking while you are pleasuring them.

While you are kissing her breasts, ask her if she enjoys the sensation "Do you like the way I caress your breasts?   "Does that feel good?"  "Do you like it when I suck on your nipples?"

There are many different ways of communicating your sexual desires, fantasies and needs, with you partner.   Stay tuned, you are about to experience the journey of your lifetime (sexually that is) ...

RECLAIM Your Sex Life - Learn To Communicate Sexually

Ready to try new and fun sexual activities to put the thrill back into your bedroom, but you're too embarrassed to talk to your partner?   Rid yourself of fear with these tips ...

Are You Tongue Tied When It Comes To Sexual Communication?

Learning how to communicate your sexual needs is essential in a relationship that is on fire!

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