Couples Intimacy

You love and adore each other, but is there something seriously lacking when it comes to intimacy in your relationship?

Couples Intimacy - The Place For You To - Transform Your Relationship Into One That Most People Only Dream About!

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Has life's little distractions invaded your relationship and you want to know how to fix it?    Get ready to be amazed at how your relationship can be transformed right before your eyes!

True Intimacy is about creating and maintaining those feelings of "closeness and togetherness" - physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually.

A time to face your fears, and problems, together.  When you can let go of these, you are on your way to "building intimacy" in your relationship.

Here Lies The PROBLEM

When it comes to "Couples Intimacy" and what it means, I like to call it the "Battle Of The Sexes"!   

  How would you define intimacy? 

Now, you've probably already answered the question, but what would your partner's answer be?

Most women would answer ... physical contact, talking, spending time together, hugging, kissing, cuddling, holding hands ... the list is ENDLESS!

Where as many men would answer ... having SEX and possibly more of it!

 Sorry guys, but NO!   Experiencing and enjoying couples intimacy Is NOT all about sex!!!    BUT, if you get this part right, you will be rewarded with not only good sex, but great sex!   It's a give and take situation, and it works wonderfully when you get it.

The truth being ... both sexes agree that "talking heart-to-heart" about your relationship, or doing something adventurous is a mutual decision.

I have a question for you ... Are you able to talk about your secret dreams and desires to your partner, without feeling that you are a freak?

Being able to open up and share your deepest desires and fantasies allows you to share everything that matters the most to you.   And knowing you won't be judged by your partner for your feelings.

  • "This is what I need sexually as well as emotionally..."
  • "I fantasize about ... "
  • "I would love it, if you did ... "

It's Simply Being Totally OPEN & HONEST

It's building a deeply committed relationship based on honesty, trust, self-disclosure, respect, appreciation and togetherness.

It's time set aside with your partner.  To connect with each other.

  • mentally
  • physically
  • spiritually
  • sexually.



Couples Intimacy Starts With This!

Understanding, sharing and open communication, is the core to better intimacy in any relationship!!

The strongest relationships are those that can be open to telling each other everything!

While you will find numerous articles on this website, there are times I come across articles and/or books that I feel can help you even more.

I came across a collection of books that I know will help inspire you to put the romance and intimacy back into your relationship.

You will discover the "magic ingredients" that make some couples live happy and blissful for DECADES and how you can too.

Michael Webb is the author that wrote these books. His articles have been featured countless times in major newspapers, magazines, radio and T.V. shows.  He was also featured on Oprah, talking about ways to rekindle a relationship.

If you're searching for more information to enjoying better intimacy with your partner, I would highly recommend you taking a good look at this relationship collection!

Recommended Reading

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