Crystal Abbott

by Tyler
(Waldoboro me)

I know we been through a lot, and I've never stopped loving you. I love my trust worthy loving wife. You are smart and know how to handle most everything.

The way you use to look at me when I knew we were so in love. I know you still love me even though you find it to be hard right now. The stuff we have gone through by each other's side and knew we both would always rely one another.

Just the feeling from touching one another drives both of us crazy. You are a great hard working wonderfully mom. I love you so much for all these things. I'll never forget the special alone time we had together and the wonderfull family time we've had as a family. Thank you for that and all we've been through.

I love you with all my heart.😘😍 I also love the way you make me feel. I always can't wait to get home to you and the kids. Even when times are hard.

God has blessed us and keeps on blessing us because we must be doing something right. I love you.

God bless muah

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