Cute Ways To Say I Love You

Discover These Romantic Ideas To Tell Your Partner How You Feel And Transform Your Relationship Into A Love Affair!

Are you in love and looking for Cute Ways To Say I Love You, to someone special in your life?

Do you desire more romance in your relationship?

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Conveying the message of love can be fun, exciting and bring closer intimacy into your relationship.

I'm such a romantic at heart and I'm always searching for new ways to tell my partner that I love him.

Being creative can often be a daunting task, but we all have some ability to create.

In need of a little help with your creative juices?

Use one, or more of these ideas, and see where they might lead you, you may be surprised at how creative and romantic you can become!

Cute Ways To Say I Love You

Carved In Sand

I was recently away to escape the cold Canadian winter.  It was time to trade the white powdery snow for beautiful white sand, on a romantic getaway!  Sound inviting?

We had booked into a beautiful hotel overlooking the ocean (oh, what a view).   How surprisingly romantic to see that the words " I Love You" had been carved into the sand.

If you decide to surprise your lover with this idea, carve the words deeply into the wet sand, and you will see that they stay there even after the tide washes over them!

If sand is no where to be found, you can also write these romantic words in snow.  Spray paint does wonders in the snow, and makes it easier to read.

Looking for other cute ways to say I Love You?  Great let's keep moving!

Go Green

You may have to leave your lawn for an extra day, but the results are perfect.  Let your lawn mower cut those romantic words into your grass.

Say It With Chalk

Take note of prominent landmarks at the side of the road, your partner drives on to get to work OR come home.  These could be posts, pillars or even large rocks or cement pieces.

We happen to have a city light in front of the house, so this was a great place to start!  I even decided to finish my message on the side of the house.  Using sidewalk chalk to write "I Love You" on cement, brick or rock is harmless, and it will wash off when it rains.

Say It With Flowers

Not just a bouquet ... use flower petals to write your romantic words on the bed, floor, kitchen table or where ever your mood takes you.

A Hallmark Moment

I love picking up romantic "I Love You" cards when I'm shopping.  I still add a few of my own words, and leave it somewhere where my sweetie will find it.

Sometimes I like to write "missing you baby, can't wait til you get home".

A Love Note

Write a love note and hide in a jacket pocket, sock drawer, or even in your partner's shoe.


Jot down 10 things you love about him/her and slip it under their dinner plate.  One of them could be the beginning of a Romantic Conversation Starter.

Whipping Cream

This one is one of my favorites!  There are many cute ways to say I Love You when you have a can of whipping cream!

On a pie, cake, or brownies, can send the message of love with no mess.  For a sexy twist, you can also write your message on a mirror, shower door, or even on your body!

If you are looking for something really creative. Surprise your lover by creating a Romantic Web Page, right here on my web site. It's fun, easy and the best part ... it's FREE.

Cute ways to say I Love You, never goes out of style!

Surprise your lover today, with one or more of these ideas, and just see what happens!

Still searching for ideas? Be sure to check out these romantic ways to say I Love You?

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