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Is your love life less than you'd like it to be?   Learn new ways to build a better relationship foundation, and enjoy more closeness with your partner.

Are you here because you are looking for new ways to enjoy better intimacy with your partner?

Want to know how you can reconnect with the love of your life, and enjoy romance and passion once again?

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

The first step for you to take towards a closer relationship with  your partner, is Communication.

Without a doubt, it's the #1 place to start, and you will find many articles related to communication on this website.   You both need to be on the same page, when it comes to defining better intimacy!

Now, communicating can be a tricky thing.  You both have to decide to communicate with an open heart and open mind.   No blaming, no criticizing or judging. (yes, this can be a challenge all on it's own)!

Your goal here, is to create a place that you can both open up honestly to each other.  When you get to this part right, you will transform your relationship into one that is amazing!

Set some quality time aside to communicate.   When it's your turn to talk, tell your partner about YOU, but in a positive way. This involves trusting each other, understanding each other and knowing each other ...

  • Your needs
  • Your desires
  • Your dreams
  • Your fantasies
  • Your goals

And when it your partner's turn to open up, pay close attention to what they are saying to you.  

Remember ... NO attacking!

One of the most difficult things about communicating ... it can be very difficult to hear your partner tell you they need more or less of something.  You may feel hurt, or defensive, BUT, make the effort to really listen and tune into them.  The flip side ... If you react unreasonable, this may cause your partner to close down and not want to share with you.

How To Enjoy Better Intimacy

If you want to start enjoying better intimacy in your relationship, it will mean rolling up your sleeves and making a conscious decision to change all this!

Can You Transform Your Relationship?

Absolutely!   If you are up to the task!   Think back to the early days in your relationship.  What brought you both together in the first place?

Start doing it again!

Another way to enjoy better intimacy is to get creative in your relationship.  Try new activities together, enjoy romantic meals, show affection with romantic gestures, take a walk together and hold hands.  Set aside quality time for the two of you to talk, laugh, listen and grow together.

Life has a funny way of stripping that all away from you and allowing you to fall into a routine that can be dangerous and hazardous to your relationship.

Step outside of your routine and comfort zone, and allow your relationship to strengthen and grow.  Don't expect miracles.   To enjoy better intimacy, is an ongoing process - so enjoy the journey (every twist and turn)!!

While you will find numerous articles on this website, there are times I come across articles and/or books that I feel can help you even more.

I came across a collection of books that I know will help inspire you to put the romance and intimacy back into your relationship.

You will discover the "magic ingredients" that make some couples live happy and blissful for DECADES and how you can too.

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Michael Webb's Love & Dating Collection

If you're searching for more information to enjoying better intimacy with your partner, I would highly recommend you taking a good look at this relationship collection!

Recommended Reading

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