Enhancing Female Sexual Arousal

Discover The Secrets To Being The Man Every Woman Dreams Of Having In The Bedroom

Understanding Female Sexual Arousal - the dilemma between the sexes!   Why?  One of the biggest differences between men and women is the speed and ease with which they become sexually aroused.

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

C'mon guys, you have to admit, it does take a bit of T.L.C. when it comes to turning on the woman in your life - sexually that is!

Becoming aroused is the first step towards sexual satisfaction, but right from the start, men and women are often out of sync - one's up, ready and raring to go and the other isn't, at least not yet!

Many times, this can be the cause of sexual dissatisfaction, frustration and other problems in the bedroom.  But, now that you know the differences between the sexes, you can make the necessary changes in your lovemaking!

When you learn how to enhance female sexual arousal ....


You are going to get the female side of being sexually satisfied. Sorry guys!  But I'm sure you will agree with my take on how quick YOU can become aroused.

Men seem to follow such a predictable path when it comes (no pun intended) to being aroused.  They can become fully aroused in a matter of minutes, if not seconds!

The simpliest things in his life can trigger his arousal -- a simple sight, a picture, a thought, a smell or touch.  And, there are probably others!

Guys Seem To Have It EASY

  • Man gets turned on - immediately.
  • Penis takes over.
  • Brain shuts down.

All this in the matter of only a few minutes!  Their on/off switch is just that quick!  Sometimes, a man's arousal is a little too easy and quick for my liking!!

For Women -- this is a whole other story!  We are definitely more slower, and much more unpredictable when it comes to getting us aroused.  But the fun is, getting us there!

So How Do You Get There?   MORE FOREPLAY!

Not because we have different equipment from men, but because women think differently from men.  Hmmm, have you heard that before?   Well, it's true!

We all want to be that woman we've read about - at least for a night.  You know the one - the naughty little sex kitten who is sexually aroused, just by the way her man looks at her.  And, who would try anything at least once.  But as age creeps up, female sexual arousal takes on a whole new meaning (to say the least).

Female sexual arousal, it's about getting your libido back up and running, and being comfortable in your own skin!

So ... What Can YOU Do?   PLENTY!

Enhancing Female Sexual Arousal

Tips For Men - To Arouse YOUR Woman and Have Her Begging For More

There are many ways to sexually arousal a woman.  But the number one way is to arouse her mind.  Get her mind going, and you will get her body going.  Yes, her head has to be in the game!

  • Give Her Time  ~ Women love and desire romance; cuddling, kissing, soft touching and lots of foreplay! Wind her up, drive her crazy, have her wanting you, then you BOTH can enjoy the sensual pleasures of making love.

  • Look Inviting - Smell Inviting ~  Every woman loves a man that not only looks good, but smells sexy as well.  When was the last time you dressed up for her? Hmmm, can't remember?  Maybe it's time to trade in your regular t-shirt and jeans for at least a night, and have her taking a second look at YOU.  Girls, this one goes both ways!  Dress up for the man in your life, once in a awhile.  Show a little skin, and let the teasing begin!

  • Massage  ~ A relaxing and sensual massage can help anyone get in the mood.  Just be sure you start with the relaxing part first, then switch mindsets and begin sensually touching her body and kissing her skin.  P.S.!! stay away from her vagina!  At least for awhile.  The goal here is to get her aroused and in the mood!

  • A Romantic Dinner  ~ If you get this one right, you may be enjoying dessert in your bedroom with both of you being the dessert.  Have the whipped cream ready!

  • Let Her Know You Are Thinking About Her Sexual arousal starts well before the bedroom.  So, if you are anticipating a romp in the hay, start early in the day. Send her a romantic e-mail, text message or leave a message on her phone.  Let her know that she is on your mind.  You will definitely have her thinking about you!

  • Bonding Leads To Booty ~ Spending time together doing things as a couple, communicating, sharing desires and fantasies.  When you are closer connected to each other, the emotional experience can boost your desire for "play"!

Female Sexual Arousal

For Women - Tips To Arouse YOURSELF

Sexual arousal can begin with YOU.  Don't be afraid, learn to let go of any hang-ups you're still holding onto regarding sexual inhibitions and particularly about your body image!

Have you been neglecting your body?  No, I don't mean dressing it, I mean touching it!  Where do you think the best place to discover yourself is?   In the bath?  Wrong!

The best place to help you feel sensations that you enjoy and how your body reacts, is actually after the bath.   Grab your favorite scented body lotion/oil and pay close attention to how your body reacts and how it feels when you gently caress it!

  • Explore YOUR Own Body ~ Take the time to explore your entire body - inside and out.  This is the best way for you to discover your full orgasm experience.  Stimulation of the clitoris is the most popular way for women to orgasm, so why not turn yourself on first?

  • Masturbate ~ Yes, masturbation.  Who knows better than YOU, how to get aroused?  It is also the the single best way for you to discover new turn-ons that you can later share with your partner.

  • The Power Of Fantasy ~  First, turn off that part of your brain that is thinking about work, errands and the other thousand things you want to accomplish by the end of the week.  Find fantasies that will "spark your arousal" - a seductive novel, an erotic movie, or imagining your favorite movie star licking his way up your thighs ... c'mon, let your mind go wild!

    Discovering new ways to fuel female sexual arousal will heighten your lovemaking and take your relationship to the next level.  It's time to give it a try!

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