Forever Always and Beyond

by Ashley Johnson
(Lufkin Tx USA )

Happy 6th anniversary sweetheart.

Its been quite a journey these last several yrs. I'm grateful to have you by my side through all the nights and days.

Through out the yrs I've learned out of all the things I know for certain I can always count on you to be my light through the dark paths we sometimes take.

To feel your warmth beside me as we sleep to know I will always be able to roll over and kiss or hug you or lay upon your chest those are the moments I adore and cherish forever more.

After everything we've accomplished together and gone through its definitely fate that you are indeed my soulmate.

I'm proud to have been your girlfriend and now wife most importantly I'm thankful to be able to say I'll always be your best friend!

I love you Raymond...
happy anniversary ....

forever always and beyond xoxoxo <3.

All my love,
Ashley Johnson

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