21 Free Love Spells that Work Overnight

Still in love with your ex and want to bring him or her back? Looking for an easy yet effective way to save your marriage and enhance the relationship with your spouse? How about finding and attracting your soul mate?

These and more that are associated with love will be easily solved by a little love magic. We call it love spell. 

"Really, does it work?" 

Yes, it works as long as you strictly follow the instructions and use the right ingredients. 

Without further ado, here's our list of 21 free love spells that work overnight. You can try any of them to bring back your lost love, have an irresistible appeal to your loved one, help you stay faithful, or any other purpose. 

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Free Love Spells with Ingredients

Free Love Spells

#1. Attract love to using chocolate milk and cherries

Ingredients: Chocolate milk and cherries 

In a tub filled with water, add 2/3 cups of chocolate milk. Then, put nine cherries (with a dark color) in the bathtub. Sit inside it and eat all of them one by one while imagining the love that you want in your life. Rinse your body thoroughly.

#2. Attract love using a map

Ingredients: Map either of your country or local area or a world map (if you want someone from far afield) and a white candle 

Take the map of your country or local area or even a world map. Scatter five roses across it and say "Near or far, o'er land and sea, a lover true I call to me." Then, light up a white candle and take the sixth rose. Pluck from it, in turn, five petals and burn all of them in the candle flame. 

Whisper these words "Burn a pathway to my door, five rose petals now are four, four to three in candle fire, bringing closer to my desire. From three to two I burn the rose, love no hesitation shows. From two to one until there is none, the spell is done, come, lover, come."

Put the roses and map along with the candle and a vase with the rose in a safe place close to an uncurtained window until you see the candle has burned down. Put the roses in the vase inside your bedroom. 

#3. Using paper and candles

Ingredients: Paper and candle

On a clean paper, jot down your wish. Do this at night new moon. Bright white light and switch off all lights. Think about your desire's fulfillment for some minutes. Afterward, say "As I sleep at night, may the divine power of spiritual love and light grant my wish."

Think about you want to burn the paper in the candle. Repeat the process simultaneously on twelve consecutive nights. 

#4. Using candles

Ingredients: Pink candle and red candle, 9 pins, a bottle, honey, and whiskey

Take a pink candle and red candle and then inscribe the full name of the person you want to cast the spell on in either the pink candle or red candle. Pink candle is for romantic love while the red candle is for passionate love. You can do both if you want. Write your name on one of the candles. Stick three pins on each candle and put the other three pins in between the candles. Wait for nine days. 

Now, burn the candle down to one of the pins and then quench it out. Don't ever try blowing the candle. Get the candle wax and melt. Create a new candle and stick the other three pins in it. Take the remaining pins and place in the bottle. Pour honey and whiskey. Tighten the lid and keep underneath your bed.

#5. Get the love you want using red ribbon and beeswax candles

Ingredients: Red ribbon and beeswax candles, paper, and red ink 

Put the red ribbon around beeswax candles. Then, place the candles in the middle of a table in a darkened room. With a clean piece of paper and red ink, write the name of the person you love. Fold the paper in a square of 4 creases. Then, burn the paper in an appropriate and safe container.

#6. Get the love you want using playing or tarot cards

Ingredients: King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts

Take out the Queen of Hearts and the King of Hearts out of the playing cards or tarot. Write down your name and the name of your beloved in the corresponding card's gender. 

#7. Make your ideal someone to madly fall in love with you

Ingredients: Heart of a dove, cinnamon, honey, and cardamom

Cook the heart of a dove with cinnamon, cardamom, and honey while chanting over it. Feed it to the person whom you want to cast the spell on.  

#8. Get your partner stay in love with you longer 

Ingredients: Some strands of your hair and your partner's hair and a red candle 

Close your eyes and focus all your love and energy on your partner while imagining his or her face. Put all the strands of hair in an empty can. Bind them together with wax. 

#9. Love binding spells

Ingredients: Paper and pen

In a piece of paper, write the phrase X (the name of your ideal partner) loves Y (your name). Rewrite it in reverse order. Say an incantation over it as you desire or wish.

Keep the paper with you. At least call the names 7 times per day while you're naked in your bedroom. 

#10. Love binding spells using candles

Ingredients: Thick white candles 

Make an altar where you will cast the spell. On a white candle, etch the name of a person you love. Then, light it up and say "All my love comes to me."

Make sure to keep looking at the light until it is entirely burned out. Remove the wax and keep it safe. 

#11. Find your perfect match

Ingredients: Vanilla extract, a piece of paper, two rose thorns, white candles, and an empty bottle

On a piece of paper, write the complete name of your love interest. Afterward, place two thorns of rose on it. Light up three white candles and then put them around the bottle.

Focus on your desire to find a lover overnight. Say the spell, "Red like blood, let there be life in the relationship I will get, bring it soon, give me love that will last like my someone, give me love with a right person."

Complete the procedure by dashing a few extracts of vanilla throughout your bedroom. Keep it tightly capped underneath your mattress. 

#12. Arouse passion

Ingredients: An apple and patchouli incense 

Each one of you should prick a finger. Allow a drop of blood to fall in the patchouli incense and then light it up. Take the apple and pass through the smoke while chanting these words "Blood of (his name) Blood of (her name) united as one."

Do the passing of apple through the smoke twice. Afterward, cut into half and place it before the incense. 

#13. Find your soul mate

Ingredients: Ginger oil, pink candle, peacock feather, and a mirror

Make a circle. Rub the pink candle with ginger oil. Put the candle in the middle of the circle. Get the peacock feather and put it close to your heart. Take the mirror and say these words: "My heart had wings, My soul, it soars, My heart it sings, On distant shores, Or close to home, My true love finds me, Wherever I roam."

Use the same peacock feather and brush it starting from the head to toe. Hold it over the pink candle and burn it out entirely. 

#14. Make your shy partner say that he or she loves you

Ingredients: Avocado, a red colored ribbon, some drops of rose oil, and one office pin

Cut the avocado into two without letting the seed fall over. Divide the seed into two parts. Make a heart in each of avocado seed using the office pin.

Now, put your partner together with you in each of the hearts you've made. Add some drops of rose oil into those hearts. Put the halves together and tie with the red ribbon. Keep it. Spell the words "I send you my love," or "I love what I see in you"

#15. Keep a happy marriage

Ingredients: Green ribbon and water

Focus in your mind your intention. Spell the words "Himbaj Pedum Bonak Himbaj" 62 times in front of a tree. Get the green ribbon and tie it around the tree. Pour a few amounts of water on the tree. 

#16. Remove negative emotions

Ingredients: Mild soap and running water 

Keep yourself mentally prepared to gain love. Go to a stream in which there's running water. Put your hands beneath the running water. Then, wash well with a mild soap. 

#17. "Sorry" love spell

If your loved one would not forgive you, this love spell could be for you. 

Ingredients: Photograph, a piece of tape

Draw a heart over your beloved's picture. Take a piece of tape and put it over his/her mouth. Say the spell in a soft voice, "You may curse me with your words, but my kiss means more. Open your mind and shut your mouth. Angry words no more!" 

Love Spells without Ingredients

#18. Visualization love spell

All you need is a quiet place. Close your eyes and concentrate for some minutes. Think about the person you'd like to cast a spell on. Allow those pictures of him or her to flood your whole mind. Also, let yourself imagine his or her face.

When the face is clear on your mind, tell everything you feel - all the things you want him or her to know. Tell all of them only in your mind. Tell the kind of relationship you want, and many other things. Say a prayer to get help in your love life and relationship. Then, open your eyes. 

#19. Basic love spell

Take a picture of the person and place it in your room. Otherwise, place on the wall or on the table. Look into that person's eyes and wish them good morning or goodnight every time. You can offer their gifts and favorite food by putting them in front of his or her picture.

Pronounce this chant "My beloved, you already do live near me, and you already have a place in my life. So, come to me, hug me and kiss me. I will always take care of you. I will feed you tasty food and will shower you with gifts and love. I am waiting for you."

#20. Throat Singing

To do this spell, make sure the person is at home. Start by sitting down with your back relax and straight. Close your eyes and concentrate. Begin throat chanting or singing in the following ways:

  • Mention the name of your loved one many times. 
  • Ask him or her to "hear" you. 
  • Ask him or her to love you. 
  • Repeat again the name of your beloved several times. 
  • Repeat your commands as mentioned previously. 
  • Seal the magic through saying the person should follow all the commands and must not contravene you. 

#21. Heart Chant

Create a heart shape by clasping your hands together. Picture the kind of love you desire. Say again these words "Bring me the love that I need, thank you, heavenly creator, for hearing me."

Have faith that your spell will work!

In addition to sticking to the given instructions and using the right ingredients, the most important thing is to trust that your spell will work. 

Let's just put it this way: Your spell won't work if you don't believe it will. 

Thus, always believe in your will. Our thoughts are considered a powerful form of energy. A positive thought always intensifies abundance. 

Try these love spells now and be amazed at how they work! 

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