He Loves Her

by Ken Garrido
(Hayward, CA)

To My Beautiful Wife Suzette,

I want to express my appreciation and love that I have for you after 22 years of marriage. GOD is the only entity that understands my feelings as nothing in the English (or other language) dictionary describes how I feel inside.

Here's a little poem I wrote for you ...

15 years I roamed this earth
Then I saw your beauty worth

Unknowing what my point in life
You filled my eyes with pleasure rife

It is your essence, I will explore
On June of 1984, tis this time I would adore

I received a call, the voice of an Angel
Harmonic sounds, our future fateful

A voice that hit me, makes me weak
For it is you, that I do seek

Words spoken on the phone
I'll never forget, from my home

"Hi, can I speak to Kenny?"
Time we'll spend, as they'll be many

I knew who it was, who you are
Gaze you I did, from afar

Years together, we finally marry
Time and time, memories we carry

Now I have you, all to mine
My spirit glows, ten fold shine

Bare my children, both you did
Wayne and Diamond, names our kids

We grow older, wise, and smarter
Journey together, we go farther

You and I, two of a kind
You and I, love sublime

It's you I choose, until my death
Completed life, my last breath

Life with you, I don't regret
I love you dear, my wife Suzette

I hope you enjoyed this,

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