My name is Ashley and my husbands name is Gary. The way he proposed to me was just amazing, and I will never forget how he did it.

It was 2/14/2008, Gary picked me up from work and had made arrangements for our neighbors to watch our son.

When we arrived home, he told me to close my eyes and he lead me to the front door. When I got there I opened my eyes to see that there were Hersey Kisses on the floor and they were leading to the bathroom.

The bathroom was full of roses. Gary had put big luscious roses in the liner of the shower (where the rings are where you connect the liner to the rod) and a bundle of roses in a vase on the counter.

The Hersey Kisses then lead through the living room and into our bedroom.

There, he had my favorite flowers on the bed (which are daisies), and a little box near them. Next, he knelt down and said ... "Ashley, I have kissed the ground you have walked on and showered you with roses, now how do feel about your husband's proposal?

Of course, I am balling crying and just overwhelmed and breath taken, and he said "Will You Be My Wife?" And I said YES!!!!

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