I call you Sama, my heart call you Ariii^^ and my brain call you Samah

by MDBaha
(your dear)

heyy my dearest girl ^^ did you know tha ...

You are…the best thing happened to me ^^

You are…sunshine in my morning ^^

You are…moonlight in my night ^^

You are…raindrops on my window ^^

You are…smiles to bring the light ^^

You are…hope when I am down ^^

You are…comfort when I cry ^^

You are…understanding when I am lost ^^

You are…thoughtful when I’m tired ^^

You are…the one who laughs the most ^^

You are…the song of yesterday ^^

You are…the melody that I bring ^^

You are…the harmony of tomorrow ^^

You are…the tune today I sing ^^

You are…my inspiration ^^

You are…my most ardent fan ^^

You are…my dearest darling ^^

You are…my beautiful girl ^^

You are…always the one I think of With the rising of the sun ^^

You are…always the one I think of When the day is almost done ^^

You touch my heart with your spirit and soul ^^

Your life is embedded in love ^^

You help me see my life as a whole ^^

As you pray to our God above ^^

You are always in my thoughts ^^

Tho we be so far apart ^^

But I love you oh most dearly ^^

From the bottom of my heart! ^^

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