Improving Sexual Intimacy One Step At A Time

 Uncover The Secrets To Amazing SEX At ANY AGE!

Learning the secrets to improving sexual intimacy in your relationship, will ignite the desire and passion between you and your lover.  The kind you only dream about!

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Ready to "turbo-boost" your sex life?   Remember - Real Intimacy ISN'T just about SEX!

But if you can obtain it, look out!  The sexual encounters in your relationship will sky rocket!   Read on for spicy ideas to put your sex life in high gear!

What are you waiting for?    Let's get down to business!!

Is your sex life Smokin' Hot OR "Hardly Smokin"?

And if it's not giving you pleasure beyond your imagination and keeps you desiring great sex and more of it, why not?

Oh sure, sex in the beginning of any relationship can be "smokin' hot" and totally mind blowing - but what happens when the fireworks stop?

Enjoying great sex on a regular basis does take both participants to be involved, by putting forth the effort and knowing what each others desires and needs are - to make the "magic" happen.

So what are the secrets to amazing sex?

Let The Magic Begin!

Improving Sexual Intimacy Starts Here!

 Know Your Own Body In Intimate Detail!

Surprised to hear that?  Don't be!  This is where the magic all begins!  Before you can fully enjoy the passion and pleasures of great sex - you need to know how to satisfy yourself first.

This means you need to know exactly, in great detail how your body responds to pleasure best.  Explore, touch and find your teasing and erotic spots, know your needs, and the amount of pressure that brings you to orgasm.

If you've never taken the time to understand your own body and how it reacts to pleasuring it, you should get down to some business and study this before you get your hopes up, to let your partner fumble their way through your earth shattering orgasm.  Cuz, honestly, it just doesn't happen that way!

Who knows your orgasm, better than you?

Each of us responds to sexual stimulation differently, so it's YOUR job to teach your partner, those secret spots that will ignite your sexual senses!

After all, you want to have that orgasm that brings you back for more, don't you?

Time For HONEST Communication

Now that you know what gets you off - it's time for "Show & Tell".  That's right, no beating around the bush.  You need to be very honest and direct when telling him/her what your needs are.

If you don't ... eventually, if not already, this will lead you to feeling disappointed and sexually frustrated.

If a survey was taken, you would find most people are excited and turned on when their partner talks about how they like to be sexually aroused!

So give your partner a gift - your road map to ecstasy!  You both will be glad you did.

Forget Sexual Rules & Myths

For this one, if you are still holding onto any sexual inhibitions, you have picked up along the way, it's time to let them go! There are no rules in YOUR bedroom, just the ones you make together!

Show your partner how you can sexually fulfill yourself.

That's right, I'm talking about masturbation.  Now, don't go into shock on me!  I'm sure you have all done this at least once in your lifetime!  It's natural and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about, unless YOU have made it a "no-no rule".

There's nothing better than experiencing the "up close and personal" side of learning.  Well, is there?

Showing your partner step by step your way to orgasm will not only teach him/her all the tricks of the trade, but your partner will most likely be turned on by watching you stimulate yourself, which in turn only increases the excitement for both of you.

Respect Each Others Likes & Dislikes

It's no secret, everyone is different.  We all have our likes and dislikes in life, and this certainly extends to our sexual activities!

Some words of advice: don't push anything on your partner that you know he/she would be uncomfortable with.  If you do, you may find that it's easier for them to say "I'm not in the mood", than doing something they don't enjoy.

Come on, there are so many sexual positions and activities for you both to experiment with, the list is endless.  Take the time to find those that you are both comfortable with.

Oral sex may be good for one, but not for the other. One may enjoy giving, than receiving. Using certain adult toys, may not be comfortable for one of you (well, not yet)!

Sex is suppose to be fun and pleasurable.   When introducing new sexual activities, you may have to take things slow at first. Hey, what's the hurry?  Taking time, only means one thing ... More Foreplay!

When you learn to discover and experiment with sexual pleasure - you just never know where it can lead!

Experience REAL Orgasms - Don't Fake It!

Okay this goes out to all my girl friends - and you know who you are.

When you decide to fake your orgasms for  "The Love Of Your Life", you are definitely heading down a "dead-end" road.

Sorry guys, this is sad, but True!  Many, if not most women can and do convincingly fake their orgasms!  Yikes!

And for the guys who believe they have never had their partner fake an orgasm - watch a bit more television. Movies portray women having orgasms on a dime.

News Flash ... It just doesn't happen that way!

Ladies, you are doing your partner and yourself no favors.  You are giving him the leading role of "Sir Stud", while you are totally sexually frustrated!  Am I right?

So where do you go from here?

Achieving orgasm is different for everyone!  This is where you go back to "Showing & Telling" your partner about your needs and desires.

The Bottom Line? -- How your body enjoys and achieves that memorable orgasm!

Okay wait ... Before we go any further, it's important to know that not every sexual encounter ends in an orgasm.

As long as you both are sexually satisfied, and your desires are being met - keep having fun, experimenting and exploring with each others bodies.  Let's face it - practice makes perfect!  And who isn't up to practicing with pleasure?

If It's Not Fun - Why Do It?

I can't understand why anyone would want to engage in the passionate activites of sexual pleasures, if in the end, it's not only fun, but fulfilling!

This means, always searching and discovering, fresh and exciting ways to introduce new sexual activities into your relationship.  The list is endless!  So allow your creative juices to flow!

  • Introduce foods with your lovemaking.   One of my favorite, sensuous foods to play with, is chocolate and whipped cream!  Did you know it now comes in flavors?

  • Discover the erotic pleasures of "Sex Toys".  Guys, don't get all bent out of shape with this one.  Her vibrator will never replace the romantic words you whisper, or feeling "the real thing"!  I'm sure if you give them a try, you just might learn a thing or two.

  • Read erotic stories together.  Wow! It's hard (no pun intended) not get aroused, when you become the main characters!

  • Discover sex beyond the bedroom!  If you thought only your bedroom was the place to get it on, your missing out on some great experiences!

This is only the beginning, to your journey to improving sexual intimacy with your partner.  Wet your appetite to new discoveries, and allow yourself the freedom for sexual pleasures that you have only dreamed about!

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