Intimacy In Marriage

Uncover the secrets to real intimacy. How to get that over-the-top, madly in love feeling that you once had. Awaken your desire with these intimate tips!

Having intimacy in marriage is as important as breathing.  That's IF you desire to have a relationship that's unstoppable!

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

It's about discovering new and unique ways to get closer together.

Do you remember the days, when you could kiss and play, all day long?

What happened to those days?

Like myself, you probably compare those passionate and very intimate times when you and your partner first started out together.  The courtship days, bring any new relationship to new heights.

It's not that those feelings have done a disappearing act, all on their own.   Take a look at yourself for a moment - have some things changed over time?

  • You always tried to impress each other when you were together.
  • You're curiosity to explore each other sexually, emotionally, physically and mentally where always at their peak.
  • You always went that extra mile, to look nice, smell great and put your best foot forward to be desirable.

Unfortunately, life has a way of allowing you to put these things on the back burner and eventually what happens?  You begin to take your partner for granted.

Oops!  There lies the problem.

How Does It Happen?

Take a look at life, you will see, that there are many of life's distractions that get in the way.

  • Children
  • Work hours and deadlines
  • Household chores
  • Sports

Not to say these are bad for your relationship - Absolutely Not! You just need to know how to balance both everyday life AND keep those "hot & heavy" intimate times on fire!

Intimacy In Marriage

It's time to make time; to flirt, play, be fun-loving, kiss, hug, touch, laugh and tease, tease, tease!!!

Experiencing true, intimacy in marriage happens when you both make the decision to make the magic happen!

Are you holding onto old beliefs about sex and how it should be?  It's time to rid yourself of sexual inhibitions.   There are no set rules in the bedroom, only the ones you both make!

Awaken the desire by being less inhibited, discover something new, and try it!

Do you have a wild side, just waiting to get out and explore?

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

  • Start dating each other again
  • Watch an erotic movie together
  • Pick up some new lingerie
  • Try tantric sex
  • Learn sensual massage
  • Take a bath/shower together
  • Enjoy a few aphrodisiacs
  • Discover each others erogenous zones
  • Try a sex toy
If you are interested in diving right into exploring your wild side, Click Here!

This list could go on, but take your time visiting here at Today's Intimate and discover the many ways you can enjoy better intimacy in marriage.

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