Intimate Toys For Couples

The Myths & Facts Uncovered

Why is it, that the word "intimate toys", has some of you clinging to the ceiling?

Is it simply a sexual inhibition, you haven't dealt with - YET?  If so, I'm here to debunk the myths about sex toys, and change your relationship forever!

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

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First things first ... most of the myths that you have been lead to believe are simply not true.   Society's whacky way of thinking has made the word "intimate toys", a taboo word, without getting all the facts straight.

If this is YOU, but your curiosity about pleasure toys, has gotten the best of you - keep reading.   This just might change your way of thinking!

And I hope it does!  When you shed your sexual inhibition about intimate toys, you will experience sexual intimacy with your partner like never before.

Enough chatter on whether or not intimate toys are right for your relationship ... BUT, don't decide yet.

Intimate Toys - The Myths Busted

Intimate Toys Are For People Who Don't Have a Good Sex Life

All types of people use sex toys.  Anyone you can imagine, is the kind of person that uses sex toys.

If you've done any type of research, (on educational sex sites), you will find that more couples enjoying sex, add the extra pleasure of sex toys to their relationship, than those that aren't having sex at all!

Many couples not only enjoy sex toys with foreplay, but also during sexual intercourse to enhance sexual pleasure.  They can also help explore the wonderful and sensuous erogenous zones.

Intimate toys shouldn't be considered a crutch, because they're not, they are simply an addition to a intimate relationship that is on fire!

Intimate Toys Can Be Dangerous

It's only those of you that would rather not consider a sex toy at all, who come up with a variety of reasons, how these harmless toys can be dangerous.  Doctors recommend adding sex toys in relationships for a couple of reasons ...

  • Spicing up a sex life that is on life-support -
    If your sex life is the same way, same time, same position every time, I'm sure you're experiencing sexual frustration.  Well, aren't you?

  • To help women orgasm -
    Yes, it's true, many women can't orgasm on penetration alone.  Many of them need the added pleasure of stimulation to their clitoris to experience the "Big O"!

Okay, for the danger ... let's face it, I guess you could always poke an eye out, while playing with the lights out.

Intimate Toys Are For Solo Play

Many people would believe this is true.   You know the scene ... behind closed doors, when nobody is watching.   And, you know who you are!

It's time to share the magic with your partner!

Thank goodness, loving couples are being educated about these playful toys and are finally realizing the enjoyment, pleasure and variety they bring into a relationship.

Now, don't get me wrong, solo play it where it all begins, but using them together only heightens sexual arousal for both of you!

Intimate Toys Will Make My Partner Feel Inadequate

This is a common myth, that definitely needs to be busted!

If you've ever experienced an orgasm with a vibrator or any other sex toy, you know how intense the "Big O" is.   And as good as a sex toy feels, they don't replace real people. PERIOD!

You can't cuddle and have an intimate relationship with a toy - There is no replacement for the real thing.

I realize some men (and you know who you are), may be intimidated by sex toys, because you were raised, believing that the most powerful and important tool you have, is found right between your legs.   That your penis alone, can satisfy a woman every time!

The best way for you to become a better lover, is learn more about YOUR own sexual response - what gets YOU off. Using sex toys doesn't mean you are a loser, it means you are smart, and in tune with your partner.   Of course that also means you are likely to be better in bed! (Brownie Points!)

So ladies, this myth is quite the opposite - adding a toy to your sexual repertoire will heighten your sexual senses and spice up your sex life forever!

Of course, if you are thinking or wanting to add a toy to your "treasure chest", you must be truthful, honest and open with your partner when you communicate your feelings and desires. Ease their concerns, by letting them know, they could never be replaced by a toy.

Your end result - you both want to feel totally comfortable with the whole idea.

You Can Become Addicted To Adult Toys

The first question... What is the meaning of addiction?  You're absolutely right, if you said ... Causing harm.   What harm is there in bringing more pleasure to both of you?

To be truthfully honest, this myth leans a bit on the true side.

Only because the orgasm you experience from using a vibrator or other sex toys, can be so intense and the feeling is so incredible, that it's not difficult to want to use it more often.

Like all things in life, when we enjoy something, we want it more often. 

Intimate toys cannot replace Real Intimacy, in a great relationship.   It's actually the opposite - toys can bring couples closer together.

They can revive a sex life that has gone into hibernation, and breath new life into your sexual pleasures.

Last, but certainly not least ...

As it seems this article may be more directed to women getting comfortable with sex toys and masturbating, I certainly don't want to leave out you men, who are left wondering ... "What About Me"?

Men Only Use Sex Toys Because They Can't Get The "REAL THING"

Let me help you out!. Here you will find a variety of the best selling vibrators. Choose one that is right for you and your partner, from the privacy of your home.

We've all heard it, right?  The story of men behind closed doors with a "girly" magazine while masturbating.  And what about ... men purchasing a "masturbator"?

NEWS FLASH:   Masturbating is a healthy and normal part of life (just ask your physician).   Men can actually learn to be better lovers as well as learn to control ejaculation, which is apparently a concern on the ladies side of the fence.

We want a great sexual experience to last!   Don't we? Masturbation with or without sex toys can improve sexual pleasure for both men and women - alone as well as together.

An Added Tip For YOUR Pleasure:

When you are comfortable masturbating by your self, share the experience with each other!   Show each other how you can sexually pleasure yourself.  Learn to be a student of each other bodies and pleasure zones!   You will both be glad you did!

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