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Unleash Your Curiosity To Intimate Toys And Discover Sexuality On A Whole New Level

If your curiosity has you wondering whether or not intimate toys are the right thing to be thinking about ...

Then you have definitely come (no pun intended) to the right place.

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

This website is about "Intimacy", and adding seductive ideas to spice up your sex life, and fueling your curiosity to the wonderful world of intimate toys.

On Todays Intimate, you will find well-informed, safe and experienced articles.   As well as gift ideas and linked resources which are free of pornography - so relax and enjoy, as you learn new ways to experience all the pleasures in making love.

If you haven't already come to the realization that enjoying great sex in an intimate relationship is absolutely the best time in your life to let loose, experiment and enjoy pure pleasure ... now might be the time to start!

Enjoying a powerful sexual experience is more about your mind - you can choose not to base your experience on performance alone, but rather on giving and receiving pleasure to your partner, by way of oral sex and/or intimate toys.

Clear your calendar one day, and take the whole afternoon to rediscover each others bodies and experience pleasure in ways that will take you to new heights of ecstasy!  Doesn't sound like a bad plan, does it?

Let me help you out!. Here you will find a variety of the best selling vibrators. Choose one that is right for you and your partner, from the privacy of your home.

Many couples contribute their hot and steamy sex lives, to experimenting with sex toys.

Once you realize that intercourse isn't the only option to enjoying great sex, you are then open to a new sexual menu, that you both can experience for years to come.

For some of you, there may be a sigh of relief to know that not every time you have sex, do you need to have an orgasm!

Now I'm not saying that experiencing a earth shattering orgasm isn't wonderful - YES, of course it is!

But, we all know, that orgasms don't always happen.   Many women need stimulation, along with penetration to experience the pleasures of an orgasm.

If you have a curiosity for sexual adventure - that is exactly what you are going to get!

For those of you (and you know who you are) that still have a hang-up with the "Myths" associated with sex toys, fear not, I have busted a few of the most popular Myths out there!   Hopefully, they will change your way of thinking!

If you are thinking the same thoughts as many of you that have never experimented with an intimate toy ...

"Will my partner feel uncomfortable about me using a dildo, instead of relying on him"?

Surprise!  You're definitely wrong!!  Most men find it a real turn-on!

If you are open and brave enough to ask the question - be ready for the answer!   This could even be one of his "hidden fantasies"!

How can something so small (a vibrator), be threatening to your man, when it gets the job done?  You can use it yourself, or better yet, hand over your pleasure toy and let him use it on you.  It's also a great little toy to use while your partner is penetrating you!

Let's face it - an intimate toy is a great way to give you control and extra stimulation on your clitoris to really enjoy your "Big O".

I would highly suggest, you start out with something small.   A small vibrator, or what is known as a "pocket rocket", or a finger puppet (that slips over any finger), these little gems, really are a "girl's best friend."

*** I'll even help you out. Here you will find a variety of the Best Selling Vibrators! Choose one that is right for you and your partner in the privacy of your home.

This is only the beginning, when it comes to the Wonderful World Of Adult Toys!   I will be adding more articles, as well as reviews about sex toys and pleasure enhancing products that I find to be the best on the market.

Stay tuned and look forward to reading about these, as well as a selection of lingerie, lubricants, sex games, sensuous body oils, massage products and so much more.

Today's Intimate - Making our world a SEXIER PLACE!!

Intimate Toys

Why is it, that the word "intimate toys", has some of you clinging to the ceiling?  The MYTHS & FACTS Uncovered!

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