51 Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend or Husband

Words are powerful enough as they can influence humans. Women by nature easily fall in love with flowery and romantic words. Who says men don’t? The truth is that many men are easily seduced not only how a woman looks at him but also by romantic words. 

It is said that one way for a relationship to succeed is to reciprocate the love that given by your partner, though it’s not compulsory. In fact, romance is one of the major ingredients for a good relationship to stay alive.

Simply sharing romantic love quotes can rekindle the fire of love. Thus, if your boyfriend is vocal in showing love to you, then do your part by telling him love quotes that will melt his heart.

Creating and sending love quotes for your boyfriend is one of the sweetest things that can add spark to your love life. I tell you, it is nice seeing those shy smiles and blushing face whenever they hear even short meaningful quotes for them. 

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Love Quotes for Him From the Heart

Here is our collection of beautiful and romantic love quotes that you can share with your boyfriend. 

Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend

1. Sometimes, a great love is forged from the friendship bonds. Make sure to remain friends regardless of how long you have been together.

"Being your friend was my dream, but being your lover was my greatest achievement."

2. Loving someone means spending the rest of your life with him. No ifs and no buts. 

"If the choices are between loving you and breathing, I'd use my last breath to tell you how much I love you." 

3. There are no restrictions, only pure love. That love continues to grow as days passes on. 

"The boundaries of my love for you are ever-expanding." 

4. This type of love is strong and enduring. You carry feelings and thoughts of him every single day. 

"No matter what I do or where I go, it is always YOU who occupies my heart."

5. The smile from your boyfriend is one of the beautiful sights to invoke amazement inside you. 

"Your smile is as beautiful as the stars."

6. Your partner is your number one fan in times of happiness and achievements. And, he is the only one whom you'd want to be with. 

"You are my number one fan and my only one." 

7. Love makes people feel secure and safe since they know their hearts are being cared for. It infuses you with motivation and passion to be better, do better, and love better.

"Your love is the best kind I've ever received as it plants fire in my heart, awakens my soul, and brings peace to my mind."

8. Nothing beats the bliss you can feel knowing that the person you love also shares the mutual feeling with you.

"Being loved by an extraordinary person like you is everything."

9. Knowing him makes you feel he is already perfect, until those times you spend with him that makes you further realize how human he is. His imperfections get you deeply in love with him.

"Your perfections made me love you, but it is your imperfections which made me love you even more."

10. His deep love gives you a complete sense of security and safety. You know that he is always there whenever you need a hand, eyes, and legs to walk on. 

"Your deep love for me gives me strength, while my deep love for you gives me courage." 

11. You can live alone, but being with someone you love is more meaningful. You get to realize why you are still sharing all those cries and laughter.

"I finally realized what life is until you came into mine."

12. Being in love makes you giddy, nervous, and distracted all simultaneously. 

"I love the feeling of being in love with you, those moments when I can't fall asleep easily at night and the effect of butterflies when I wake up in the morning." 

13. Being with the one we love brings so much happiness and smiles that only they can provide. Read ten simple ways to say I Love You.

"I cannot say how much special you are and how much I love you. All I can say is that my world is filled with smile and happiness every time I am with you." 

14. Love means eternal feeling. That feeling still grows even after life.

"I will love you till the end of time." 

15.. This only shows how extremely powerful the love is.

"I loved you once, I still do, and I will keep loving you until my last breath." 

16. Simple to hear but a powerful lobe quote you can send to your loved one. Love doesn't know any boundaries.

"NOW and FOREVER - two words that describe my love for you."

17. You can meet and get new friends. However, the bond between two opposite people is subtle and tends to be stronger and sweeter.

"Our love bond is sweeter and stronger than anything."

18. Seeing a bit of smile of your lover means everything. 

"I feel so good seeing those sweet smiles of yours." 

19. Once we fall in love, we want to keep that feeling forever. No goodbyes.

"I want to be your hardest 'Goodbye' and favorite 'Hello'. I love you.

20. Our partner allows us to feel all kinds of emotions and we get to see our real selves. 

"You've changed me since the first day when we met. I laugh harder, cry less, and this is simply because of you." 

21. Since we are young, we imagine having a prince in our side that can take care of us and love us unconditionally. Now that you've found him, you want to keep him forever. 

"Since I was a little girl, you're the prince of my dreams." 

22. Our strength and courage escalate when we are with someone we truly love.

"Without you, I'm mortal. With you, I'm able to conquer the world and destroy all obstacles on the way." 

23. Or, he is the sweetest mistake you have ever done.

 "Of all the unplanned things happened to me, you are the best I've ever have."

24. No matter how miles apart you are, your presence is always felt in his heart.

"Distance between you and me is not an issue at all because I have you every time."

25. Any girl wants to be the only person in their partner's life. No sharing of love and attention.

"I wish to be the only girl in your life." 

26. Arguments and laughter are normal things when you're in love. The most important here is to show your love no matter what.

"We love, fight, argue, hug, kiss, laugh, and smile together. This is because of the love we have for each other."

27. Being with him allows you to do silly and weird things without thinking about his reactions.

"You’re that someone whom I can laugh, I can be silly, and I can feel free." 

28. Seeing your loved one every single minute is enough to fuel the love. 

"I'd have watched you for thousands of times if you were a movie." 

29. Being the last person that came into his life means being with him until God allows. 

"I may not be your first love or even one great love, but being your last is more than enough." 

30. A simple hug from our partner gives us a sense of security and assurance that we need. 

"I always feel like I am home whenever you put your arms around me. I love you!" 

31. As tree and sea has no boundaries and is ever expanding, so as for love.

"If hugs were the leaves I'd give you a tree, if kisses were water I'd give you the sea, and if love was time I'd definitely give you eternity." 

32. Love is supposed to be a good journey between two people who are deeply in love with each other.

"Our love is like a journey. We started at forever and we will end at never." 

33. Seeing or hearing the voice of our significant other is one of the best little things that can melt our hearts.

"You're my favorite notification."

34. He gives you courage and strength to face all those challenges and obstacles. 

"You are my spark during my dark days."

35. When it comes to love, there is a sacrifice, mixed emotions, and any other things that only love can give. Though, it is the best part of your life. 

"Giving my heart to you is the right thing I did in my life." 

36. As long as you're together, conquering the world - all those challenges and achievements - is just a little thing.

"Just hold my hand and together, we will travel the whole world." 

37. Having a love of your life also means turning any sadness moment into a spectacular one.

"Because of you, my night has become sunny dawn."

38. True love is not ordinary; it is rarer than the diamond. Don't miss any small chance to let your boyfriend know how much you love him. 

"You can hold my hand for a while, but you can hold my heart forever." 

39. Perfectly suited to a singer, musician, or artist. It is a short quote that will help you to express your love. 

"You are the song of my life." 

40. When it comes to love, a little bit of domination is fine. However, keep in mind that too much of anything is not good. 

"No one has the ability to make me as carefree and weightless as you can."

41. True love is never an option, and it should never be. It just happens between two people who are destined to be together.

"Loving you was a necessity, and never an option." 

42. This brings romantic feeling to a girl, seeing that your partner is staring at her with full of love.

"The best feeling? It is when I look at you and you're already staring." 

43. We consider someone as part of our lives once they make us feel special and loved.

"You may be one person to the world, but you are the world to me."

44. A person truly loves you when he or she is willing to be part of your best moments and most especially during your worst times.

"When I say I love you, I always mean it. I will stand by you even in the worst of times."

45. Yes, you have a complete family and a set of good friends. But, the love of someone can make your life entirely complete. 

"Life without you is like a tree without fruit or blossoms." 

46. He is not just your boyfriend, but your best friend to hold on when you're weak, your tear stopper when you feel pain, and your future to create your own family.

"I see lots of things when I look at you – my best friend, my boyfriend, my tear stopper, my future."

47. No one's perfect. But for you, he is already one. 

"You are my definition of perfect."

48. A person makes your heart palpitates every time even in a single thing. 

"You're my favorite name to see appear on my phone, my favorite pair of eyes to look into - you're my favorite everything."

49. Getting old is a natural process of living, but giving your love to someone should not disappear. 

"My looks may fade over time, but never my love for you." 

50. Two persons who are madly in love with each other can make thing possible. 

"You and I make the best team. We can do anything together." 

51. Even if it is only hours, days, weeks, or months, missing someone you love is one of the hardest parts. 

"A single day without you feels like forever." 

There's nothing to be ashamed of showing your feeling to your boyfriend. It does not necessarily mean to display affection in public.

Because whispering a romantic love quotes to your boyfriend is enough to show your love to him. Which quote did you like the most?

Whichever you liked, make sure to share them with your boyfriend! 

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