Men And Intimacy

How to get your partner interested in sex as much as you are

How men and intimacy can be so misunderstood.  This guide is designed especially for YOU!  

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

IF, you want to ...

  • enjoy better sex and more of it
  • discover how to reach the level of intimacy that will you give amazing sex
  • get your sex life out of a rut
  • want to get your partner interested in sex as much as you are

Discover The Secret Desires Of Your Woman

This article is meant for those of you men (and you know who you are), that think, the words "Romance And Intimacy" means jumping into the sack.

Okay guys, you really need to nail this one down!

Ladies, please feel free to bookmark this page for your partner, if he needs a little reminder!!

Guys, you want sex, right?

While this isn't an impossible or difficult task, you may need to understand what your woman desires to turn her on to hot, sensual love making!

First things first ... 2 words you should never forget, or get confused...

Romance And Intimacy

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, that will help you get Better Sex AND More Often!

Now, Have I got your attention?

-- Men and Intimacy - A Guide To Better Sex --

Women desire Good Sex, that's a given!  But before we can enjoy sexual pleasure to the max, there are a few things you need to understand.

Oh, sure the couples that are in a new relationship, understand this whole thing.

Guys, you are still in the wooing stage of your relationship. Love and Romance is in the air, and your sex life is on fire, right?

But, that day will come, when you will need to come back and re-read this article.  Maybe you should print this article for future reference.

It's something so simple, but often overlooked, especially when you have been together for a few years (or decades).

First, you need to realize just how important of a role that Romance and Intimacy brings you to experiencing great, over-the-top sex!

Take a few minutes to read how Intimacy is much more than physical.  You'll be glad you did!

-- Men and Intimacy - A Guide To Better Sex --

Men And Intimacy - A Guide To Better SEX

Let Her Know She On Your Mind

This gift is priceless, and takes very little effort, except your time.  Send her a "thinking of you" text during the day, or "can't wait to spend time together".

Not good at texting?  Can't find the words to say?  Choose one of these text messages, to really get her attention!  Send an e-mail, or leave a voice message on her phone.

Either one you choose, it will leave her thinking about you all day long and anticipating the evening ahead!

A Gift For No Reason

When was the last time you gave her a gift or bought a card? When was the last time you went that extra mile for no reason at all?

(Psssst ... Women love, love, love getting little gifts, even when we say we don't!)

Here Are A Few Ideas For That Unique and Special Gift ...

Physical Touch

No, I'm not talking in a sexual way.  But if you do things right, this could be the prelude to a very romantic and sensual evening!

I love when my lover kisses, touches, holds my hand or gently caresses my arms and neck.  Offer her a massage - not sexual, no not just yet!

Compliment Her

When was the last time you told her how beautiful she is?   How she makes you feel?  Give her compliments as often as you can remember!!

I guarantee, those words, she will remember!  Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and your partner should feel like she is the most beautiful woman in the world - especially to you!

I still (after all these years), spend a lot of time to look good for my lover.  Even when we are planning to stay in for the night.  His compliments never go unnoticed, they actually earn him "brownie points"!

Be Spontaneous

I love this in my relationship!   My partner will often come home, and tell me to pack a bag for the night, we are hitting the town for a romantic rendezvous for two!

WOW!  He earns big "brownie points", with this one!

Everyone needs to get away from the routine of everyday life!

Money a little tight?  No problem.   Order in gourmet take-out, grab a bottle of wine, put on some soft romantic music, and light a few candles.  Or, grab your picnic basket and enjoy a romantic picnic together.  There you have it - Instant Romance On A Dime!

Say "I Love You" - Often

Saying those magical words, "I Love You", never goes out of fashion, nor does a woman ever get tired of hearing them.

I know you probably already tell your partner that you love them often enough, but do you do it with real meaning?  Discover the many unique ways to say "I Love You", to your partner.  It's easier than you might think!

--  Men and Intimacy - Your Guide To Better Sex --

Before you sharpen your romantic skills, remember Sex doesn't mean "Romance and Intimacy" for a woman (take it from me). Use this intimacy guide as a stepping stone to transform your relationship!

But, if you take the time to learn the art of being romantic, you will soon be enjoying great sex and more of it!

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