My Angel Adina You have made me believe true love exists

by Tauseef

So gorgeous when i first saw you

So gorgeous when i first saw you

I am very much in love with you baby

Guess what the first thought I have rushing through my mind when I rise in the morning and before i fall asleep at night?
Of course its you!

The shiny glint in your eye and the smile easing so naturally from the corners of your soft and sensuous lips that I dream to feel again on mine are what make you my awesome angel Adina

Lets always be positive upbeat and make plans together, however silly and fantastical because with you I feel like anything is possible.

Lets talk late into the night with no thoughts of saying anything wrong instead lets always laugh as we always did at our silly misunderstandings and personal complications and difficulties.

Two is better than one and you and me should stick together like glue and make everyone around us envious of what we have and always will between us.

Mutual love and support can conquer and overcome ANY adversity that life throws at us xxxx

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