My Soul Mate, Mike Miller

by Amanda Miller
(Crittenden KY)

You were my fairytale dream that became my love story. I was in a Smokey bar not searching for anything but apparently my heart was.

God led me to this handsome man with astonishing blue eyes that danced in the lights, a smile that brightened the whole room. It was as if someone pushed me to go and talk to you and in that moment the whole world stood still. It was just me and you but time vanished quickly.

Two weeks later in the same place it all happened again. This time lips soft and sweet kissed mine and I felt the passion of a forever love for the first time.

Weeks passed by and we turned a friendship into a love so divine and true that we wed quickly. On July 12, 2013 I married you, my soul mate, best friend, the love of my life!! Everything I had ever dreamed about and ever wanted is mine now.

Your love is a cup I will drink from til my last breath. I love you baby. Thank you for making me the happiest woman in this world.

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