Overcome Sexual Inhibitions

Transform Your Relationship Into A Love Affair!

Discover The Secrets to Improving Sexual Intimacy In YOUR Relationship!

Discovering how to overcome sexual inhibitions is a must if you want a relationship that is on fire!

Whether it's your conservative view on sex, what you were taught growing up, ignorance, personal experiences, or even sex itself ~ this website will help you on the road to experiencing sexual pleasure and intimacy that you only dreamed about!

This way of thinking can hold you hostage, to a explosive and fulfilling sexual relationship with your partner.

Ready To Unleash Your Wild Side & Overcome Sexual Inhibitions?

Yes? Great, let's get started!!!

The first think on your "to do" list is keep an open mind about sex. I know for a few of you, this may be difficult, but keep reading, then consider giving a few of these ideas a try!

Tips To Overcome Sexual Inhibitions


When was the last time you've been on a date together, or had a little fun?

It's time to get off the sofa and enjoy some time together. Laugh, play and have some fun!

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Plan a romantic picnic, enjoy cuddling while watching a beautiful sunset, plan a weekend away, or enjoy a sport you can do together.

Your goal? Spend time together!!!!

Public Affection

When was the last time you held hands, hugged or kissed your partner in public? I'm not talking about taking it over the edge (get a room) type affection.

Take the time to whisper something sexy in his/her ear or gently touch the back of their neck. A kiss and "I Love You", goes a long way and definitely makes a woman feel sexy!

-- Overcome Sexual Inhibitions --

Let's Heat Things Up ...

Tease, Tease, Tease

Did I say "Tease"? You bet I did!

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There is nothing better than knowing my man is thinking about me!

You both can play this game! Early in the day, send a sexy little text message, or e-mail. Tell your lover that you can hardly wait to come home, and what you would like to do to them later that evening!

Build Sexual Tension - follow up with another few messages through out the day. If you are more daring - make them sexually explicit!

With this mental foreplay, I can hardly wait til things get heating up in our bedroom!

Masturbating Is NOT A Dirty Word

You may surprised to hear. that masturbating is a very healthy and natural activity, not to mention pleasurable! If you aren't comfortable pleasing yourself, it becomes even harder when your partner is involved.

Take the time to discover the wonderful world of Intimate Toys. By pleasuring yourself, you will discover pleasures unknown!

This is not a new discovery! I love my "pocket rocket". But I have to admit, I discovered this little treasure, very late in life! Click here to read my story of discovery.

Have Sex On The Brain

I call this "personal foreplay!" Prepare your mind and body for sex. As often as possible, think about sex, and imagine what you would like to do, if your partner was right there. Grab your wallet and treat yourself to a sexy piece of lingerie or pick up a naughty novel.

Leave The Guilt Behind

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Don't feel guilty, ashamed or embarrassed at wanting to try something new. There are no rules for foreplay or sexual encounters (only the ones you and your partner make). Together as a couple, talk about the things that turn you on!

Can't quite get the words out right? Pick up a sex book, browse through it (by yourself) and see if anything catches your attention.

With so many sexual positions to try, see if you can find a few that might be enjoyable to you. Bookmark the pages, and let your partner take a look later.

Don't let guilt hold you back from enjoying the best relationship possible.

Patience Behind Closed Doors

Obviously one partner wants to try something new. If you are that partner, don't pressure your lover into doing things they aren't ready for - YET! Give it time.

Take baby steps ... this will ensure you don't turn them off completely!

Go Dim

Women love the romantic scenes found in the movies. Create a romantic ambience in your bedroom, by lighting scented candles. Allow the romantic glow of candles to set the scene for you and your partner.

Let's face it, everyone looks great in candlelight!

Feel Good About Your Booty

Many women don't enjoy being naked in front the mirror, let alone in front of their partner!

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The body image thing is a real pain in the butt (pardon the pun). No, we aren't perfect. We don't have a model's body, but that seems to be a huge deal in today society. Stop listening to the media!

Get comfortable with yourself and learn to love the "skin you are in". Take your clothes off, get in front of that mirror and focus on what you do like! Spend time getting to know your curves.

When you fall in love with yourself, you will gain the confidence to flaunt your beautiful body.

Overcome Sexual Inhibitions

Regardless of where you are in your relationship, if YOU are willing to be open to new discoveries with your partner, you can begin to move forward - one step at a time!

Discover and enjoy Real Intimacy, with your partner, when you learn to overcome sexual inhibitions! You're partner, and your relationship will both be glad you did!

An added bonus, to shedding your inhibitions - you will want to jump each other’s bones at every opportunity!

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