Rekindle Passion - Ignite The Fire In Your Relationship TONIGHT!

The 7 Romantic Secrets You Must Learn NOW

Discovering how to rekindle passion is not only healthy for your relationship, but it is necessary, the longer you have been together!

Is your romantic life smoking hot, or hardly smoking?  And if it's not, why not?

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

It's easy to do nothing in your relationship, and just let it take it's course, but,  that is exactly what you will get out of your relationship - nothing!  But, if you desire to have a relationship that people dream about, then be ready to get your creative juices flowing!

Surprise your partner with a few of these tips to not only rekindle passion, but get your love life back on track!

Rekindle Passion & Transform Your Relationship Into A Love Affair

Re-Create Your First Date

Take time to re-create the memories that first brought you two together.  If at all possible, make plans to enjoy the day or evening in the place where the sparks in your relationship first ignited!

A rule to remember:  Make it a promise that you won't discuss the kids.  This is your special time to get to know each other, all over again.

Write A Romantic Love Letter/Note

I may be pushing it to suggest a letter, that seems like it could be an impossible task.  So, on to the note. 

Unfortunately with the popularity of the internet, the art of writing has taken a back seat in most of our lives.  But give it a try.

Write about a special memory, your plans for the future, something your partner has said that made you feel special.  Leave it in a special place that you know will be discovered.  On their pillow, in a lunch bag, sock drawer or even mail it to them!

Or better yet, here is my gift to you. Create a romantic web page especially for the love of your life, right here on my website. It's easy, fun, fast and best part ... It's FREE!

Do Something Special - Just Because

Aside from your anniversary and Valentine's Day (which are a given), find something special for your partner that says ... "I Love You".   These romantic gestures don't have to be expensive, and some of them are free!

Cook a romantic meal,  order in, send a romantic e-mail, or "just thinking about you",  leave a romantic message on the phone, pick some wild flowers, spend the afternoon on a romantic picnic, the list goes on!

Be Spontaneous

This one is especially important, to keep the mystery and excitement alive in your relationship.  Although it may be easier for couples without kids, to take off for a romantic evening or weekend, or skip making dinner at home to indulge in a romantic dinner for two. 

If you have children, you can plan for a sitter, but don't tell your "sweetie", until the last moment.

Create A Romantic Treasure Hunt

 I love this one!   You can play this around your home or make it a little more adventurous, and take it on the road.

Use romantic notes or small gifts at each place you stop.  Give your partner details on how to find the next clue.  Your final destination could be at a quiet romantic restaurant, or a sensuous bubble bath for two.  The possibilities are endless!

Share A Sensuous Bubble Bath Together

Create an evening of unforgettable romance, passion and desire (not to mention memories)!  Indulge in a warm, relaxing tub of fragrant scented bubbles.

Surround your bathroom with candles, soft music and wine.  Take this time to relax, cuddle and ?????   Anything can happen with this idea!

Make Time For Romance

Romance doesn't just happen, it takes two to create the magic in an intimate relationship.  Commit to making time for romance in your relationship, as much as possible!

As you see, it's possible to rekindle romance in a long-term relationship, with a little effort and a plan.

Have you reserved your date night yet?

Well, What are you waiting for?

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