7 Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Learn How You Can Make A Lasting Memory Without Breaking The Bank

Don't let the pressures of coming up with romantic anniversary ideas all on your own, ruin a perfectly good day! (or week, for that matter)  This year, you can pull off a romantic surprise with my help!

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

So take this opportunity to WOW your sweetheart and create some new memories!!!

Okay, so your anniversary is just around the corner, and you are looking for something different than the usual (and most popular) idea ... dinner and a movie.

Of course, you're searching for something that is extra special to celebrate this wonderful day!

No Problem - YOU'RE in Luck!

Incorporate one of these romantic anniversary ideas, a little planning and VOILA! you can create magical moments and memories, that will last a lifetime!  Besides, isn't making memories what it's all about?

Creating an exciting day is what you are about to do!  So with that said ... are you ready?

Romantic Anniversary Ideas

  • A Photo Shoot-
    This idea can be romantic or sexy - you choose.  You don't have to be movie stars to be in a photo shoot.  Go ahead and have pictures taken together.  A sensuous way to do this, is have it taken in black and white.

  • Romantic Coupons-
    A romantic coupon book, will certainly add some flirty fun to this special evening.  You can create the coupons yourself, or you can find them in most lingerie or adult stores.  Get your creative juices flowing and use your imagination.  Mix them up from romantic, erotic, frisky foreplay or sexual favors!

  • Evening Picnic
    Experience a romantic star gazing picnic.  What could be more romantic than sitting together sharing finger foods, great conversation and watching the sunset?  Need some ideas of what to pack?  Click Here!

  • Just Married - Again
    How creative can you get?  Decorate your car with all the romantic trimmings of your wedding day ... confetti, balloons, tin cans (for your bumper), flowers and flower petals.  Don't forget to write on your back window or bumper ... "Just Married - Again".   Of course this romantic anniversary idea wouldn't be complete until you've driven away in the car for a romantic night away to re-create your honeymoon!  Talk about creating memories!!!

  • Choose A Theme
    Want to add some fun to your anniversary celebration? Make the decision together, to choose a theme to celebrate your special day.  Do you love to golf?  Can't get enough of "Rock & Roll"?  What's your favorite Caribbean Island?  Love Hawaii?  Maybe it's a Beach Theme or Casino Theme you're after.  Whatever theme you both choose, find decorations, food, drinks and music to decorate your home for this special evening.

  • A Romantic Trip - With A Twist
    This idea is not only romantic - it's fun to create and to give.  This can be a romantic week in the Caribbean to a romantic rendezvous overnight in a local hotel.  Let your budget pick the place.  Say you choose somewhere in the Caribbean.  Purchase a puzzle with palm trees, an ocean, etc.  Take a piece or pieces (depending on the size of puzzle you buy), and wrap them up.  Give a gift (of puzzle pieces) to your sweetheart every day for a week, leading up to your Anniversary.  On the last day you may decide to give him/her 2 or 3 gifts and then put the pieces together to uncover the romantic destination.

    Last, BUT certainly not least ... one of my partner's favorite Romantic Anniversary Ideas is one with a sexy twist ...

  • Seductive Surprise
    This idea is for the sexy women who want to drive their man crazy!  Tease, tease, tease ....
Treat yourself and YOUR partner to a few new sexy pieces of sexy lingerie A few nights (you pick the number) before your Anniversary, seduce his romantic senses with a new seductive look. The gift of "wrapping paper", if you know what I mean!

On your anniversary, heat things up in your bedroom by playing an intimate adult game, or introduce a new sex toy, and experiment with new sexual favors and positions.

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