Romantic Bedroom Ideas

How To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Haven Of Love

Did you type in your search box "Romantic Bedroom Ideas" or "Decorating  A Romantic Bedroom"?

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

This is the place for you to get inspired, and transform your bedroom into a romantic haven for two.  A place for you to relax and enjoy, not to mention share some intimate evenings of sensual pleasure!

Discover the little tricks to transform your bedroom from clutter & chaos to purely romantic.

Don't panic!  You don't have to be a professional decorator, or spend thousands of $$$.  Just a few small changes and you can have a romantic bedroom made for love.  You'll be amazed and so will your partner!

If anyone is up to the task, it's you, if you have the will to make it happen.  It's time to turn your boring bedroom into a romantic one, with a few of these changes, you can bring the romance and passion back to your bedroom.

Your Surroundings DO Affect Your Mood

So with that said ....

Ignite all your senses!   From the colors you see to the arousing scents you smell.  Create an enticing mood to heighten your romantic pleasure.

Aphrodisiac scents to consider ... lilac, rose, jasmine and rosemary.  Entice your brain and your mood when you add a romantic scent to your bedroom.

Honestly, it's not as difficult as you think.  With these great ideas your romantic bedroom is just around the corner.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas ... a must for everyone!  Take as many romantic ideas as possible from this list, to create an unforgettable romantic evening!

First ... The Two Basics

  • Clear The Clutter - Nothing says, "not tonight honey", than a bedroom that is messy and unorganized.

    Take a quick look at your room?  Well, how does it stack up?  Laundry put away, bed made, clothes picked up and out of sight?

  • Distraction Overload? - Where is your mind wandering, when you are in your bedroom?  Remember, this is about romance and concentrating on just the two of you. Get rid of all other distractions ... computer, T.V., exercise equipment, bills, kids toys ... I think you have the idea.  You want your attention on each other, not on the evening news.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

  • Fresh flowers. A romantic item any time.

  • Scatter rose petals, everywhere (on the dresser, bed, pillows, floor) or for a romantic edible treat ... scatter Hersey kisses, on your bed.  Enjoy the delectable taste sensation of red wine and chocolate, it's amazing!

  • Lighting is very effective in spicing up romance.  Light scented candles and position them all over the room.

  • Dim the lights or turn them completely off, so the candlelight can create a romantic glow.

  • A bottle of your favorite wine or champagne.

  • A romantic C.D. playing softly in the background.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas - The Extra Special Touch

  • Go all out!  Treat yourself and your love life to a new comforter or bedspread.   Choose something romantic, sexy, and comfy.  All white, romantic pastels, floral ... what turns you on?

  • Purchase a new set of silk or satin sheets to give your bed a romantic and luxurious look and feel!

  • Choose a bright new rug to compliment your new decor.

  • Take down the family photos.  Choose to display them in another room, you don't want gramma and the kids watching you.  Instead choose a couple of romantic pictures and or mirrors.  If you choose a mirror, position in such a way that it will reflect the soft romantic lighting.

  • Hang silk or lace curtains around the canopy of your bed.  To create a romantic beach bedroom.

  • Winter Romance?  Heat up your bedroom with an electric fireplace.   Nothing says romance then the warm flicker of flame.

  • Replace your modern lights with crystal chandeliers.

Okay, you now have more than a few Romantic Bedroom Ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  Now, it's your turn to take these ideas and add your personal touch, to create that romantic haven you've always dreamed about.

Yes, you can be romantic!   Just let your imagination go wild!

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