Romantic Evening Ideas
For Couples

Don't let anyone fool you.  When you have a WOW relationship, you will enjoy amazing sex, and more often. Discover how to keep the fire of desire burning!

Trying to come up with a few unique romantic evening ideas, but coming up with nothing?  Tired of the same old "dinner and a movie? " 

Does your partner think you have it in you to create magical moments, and lasting memories?

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Wish you could be creative when it comes to dreaming up the kind of date night that you see on the movies?  Well, now you can!!

Click Here for immediate access to 300 fantastic creative Romantic Evening Ideas. The best part? Most of these ideas cost you under $20!

No doubt about it ... it can be tough and a real chore, coming up with something new and exciting, to impress that special someone!

But, YOU can relax!! (Yes, really).  This is the place where your creative juices will learn to kick into high gear!

Spending intimate time alone with your partner as often as you can, will give you the relationship, that most people only dream about!

Why not surprise, amaze or possible even SHOCK him/her with one of these romantic evenings ideas. 

Choose one or two of these ideas, then put your personal spin on it and make them your very own.

It's no secret, that the building blocks to experiencing an amazing relationship, is one that is full of surprises!

10 Romantic Evening Ideas For Lovers

  • Chocolate & Red Wine - Absolutely ... romantic, sensual, sexy and yummy!  I love staying home for this kind of evening.  I start by dipping the strawberries in melted chocolate.

  • Since I'm on the topic of yummy chocolate.  Step outside of the box and discover the tasty sensation of using chocolate body paint on each other!

  • Book an expensive hotel for the evening.  Go all out, enjoy a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, indulge in a couples massage, go dancing, share a dessert.  Yes, this may set you back a few $$$, but the memories and fun will be all worth it!

  • Be spontaneous and try something new!  Get in the car for a new adventure.  Tonight, is the night to try something new!  Go to a restaurant that you've never tried before, taste an ethnic food you've never experienced.

  • Share a romantic bubble bath together.   Illuminate the room with candles, play soft music and crack open a bottle of wine to sip on.  Spend romantic moments, relaxing and talking to one another.

  • Cook a romantic dinner together.  It's doesn't have to be a gourmet masterpiece, it's the time spent together preparing the meal.  Light the candles, pour the wine and enjoy this romantic evening idea. Don't like to cook, but would like to enjoy the evening at home?  No problem, order in gourmet take-out.

  • My Favorite!   Book a hotel room for the night, without telling your partner.  Pack his/her overnight bag.  When they get home, just get in the car together and away you go.  I love it when it takes a few hours to get to our destination (and it's just around the corner).  We'll pull into a pub or Bistro to enjoy a cocktail, then off to our next stop.  Share an appetizer and cocktail, before heading off to your final destination, to enjoy an intimate evening where you can both recharge your romantic batteries.

  • Enjoy your own city.  Take a horse and carriage ride under the stars and enjoy the romantic view.

  • Take your romantic rendezvous to the beach.  Enjoy a picnic for two watching the sun set, enjoy a romantic walk along the beach, then snuggle up together and star gaze.  After the sun, fun and sand, enjoy a leisurely ride home, then hop in the shower together and snuggle up once again to watch a romantic movie!

  • Read 1000 Questions For Couples (my review) together.  Use this book to bring the intimacy between you and your love one step closer.

Which ever one of these romantic evening ideas you decide on, the important things, are the details to this evening.  So take your time to map out a romantic plan!

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