Romantic Game Ideas For Couples

Do you secretly wish for more passion, romance and variety in your love life? Discover how to spice up your relationship by simply playing together!

These romantic game ideas are guaranteed to turn up the heat and put you and your partner back in the "sexy saddle"!

Learn how these games can supercharge your love life and get it back on track.

Discover and enjoy my favorite romantic games ...

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Romantic Game Ideas

Romantic Puzzle

Pick up a cheap 50 or 100 piece puzzle, and put it together. Flip it over and write your sexy message on the back. Let your imagination go wild! Now for the fun part...

Set a romantic mood, and both of you put the puzzle together to reveal your sexy message!

Romantic Scrabble

Just like regular scrabble, but get creative when it comes to your words. The rules are ... the words have to be Romantic, Sexy, Sensual and/or Erotic. You decide how far you want to go.

Romantic Dice

The 3 ingredients needed for this game is a pair of dice, you and your partner. The easiest and quickest games there is. Together, make a list of 6 romantic and/or sexy actions that you can perform on each other. (1. Kissing, 2. Hugging, 3. Foreplay, 4. Sensual massage ...). And another list of 6 body parts  that will arouse you and your partner.

For example:  you may roll a 2 (kiss) and a 6 (neck) ... you get the idea, now put your spin on this romantic game.

Strip Tease Games

Yes, it's true.  You can strip to almost any game you have at home!  Strip Monopoly, Strip Scrabble, Strip Anything you have available.   Play a game you both enjoy but heat things up by removing pieces of your clothing.  Make the rules whatever you like ... when you reach a certain amount of points, or land on certain squares, etc. a piece of clothing comes off!

100 Great Sex Games

Oh yah baby!   If your looking for games that will fire up your sex life, then this is the perfect idea for you.  These are games that guarantee to stimulate your body in new and exciting ways while keeping your partner begging for more!

Many of these games do not even require any equipment!

What you will find in "100 Great Sex Games"

  • A brand new way to play with a deck of cards that will bring about amazing climaxes.
  • A sex game that turns an ordinary, every day experience into 30 minutes of pulsating foreplay.
  • The lingerie game will have one of you begging for action by the time it is over.

Enjoy a closer and more meaningful relationship with your partner when you discover the thrills of playing together!

Get creative, and have some fun with these romantic game ideas!

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