Romantic Idea For The Beach

by Deb
(St. Clair, Michigan)

My husband and I are truly romantics. After 23 years of marriage, our friends can't believe that we still act like we are teenagers.

Actually we have more fun and spontaneous moments than ever before, now that are kids have left the nest. You know, no more locking our bedroom door or grabing for a robe before we walk into the kitchen.

Last week, I packed a romantic picnic for the beach. We layed out our "special" blanket and all the delicious appetizers we brought to enjoy.

After lunch, we spent the afternoon, skipping stones and collecting ones that were somewhat different.

I now display our romantic stones with all our memories of that special day! I can't believe it, but we actually found a stone shaped in a heart.

The best advise I could give any one looking for a relationship that will, with stand the test of time ... spend as much quality time together, becoming best friends and lovers.


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