Romantic Ideas For Men

Are you a romantic numbskull?  Trying to make a romantic impression, but haven't a clue what to do?

Feeling a little clueless when it comes to the romance department?   These romantic ideas for men are here to help YOU get your love life back on track!  Here's a hint GUYS; do something that says you are thinking about her.  Surprise your partner and put some intrigue and excitement back into your relationship.

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Does your partner think you don't have it in you to be romantic?

 Even if YOU don't have a single romantic bone in your body, I promise you ... ANY GUY CAN DO THIS!   And it doesn't have to "break the bank".

Yes, there are those men that have a flair when it comes to showing their romantic side with sweet gestures, and spontaneity, but with a little help and a few simple romantic ideas, you will see that ANY man can become a "Romeo".

Whether you're in the beginning stages of dating or you've been together for a decade, moving forward together includes finding ways to be romantic.

A TIP TO REMEMBER:  Every woman dreams of having a story book life filled with romance and passion.  So, here's a little help from me, because I love stories that end in "Happily Ever After"!

Get prepared to see her jaw drop in amazement, or you may leave her speechless, or saying "sshhttt", were did you come from?   And if you're lucky, a little romp in the hay could be coming your way!

-- Romantic Ideas For Men --

I realize that it's mostly women who are searching web sites to create a romantic atmosphere, and wishing for the romantic scene they watch on television.

Don't agree?

Then you are a woman's kind of man!

But, if you DO agree, and want to change your relationship, let me help you out!

Simple Romantic Ideas For Men -
Yes, any MAN including YOU!

The Gift Of Touch
Use the powerful energy of touch.  A warm hug, a kiss in the morning or when you return home at the end of the day.  Holding hands, a gentle squeeze, a back rub, or massage.  Touching may seem so simple, but it leaves a lasting impression.

The next time you sit down to a nice meal together, take the time for a simple toast; "to the two of us", or just "to her".  Or just tell her something you love about her.

Talk About Your Day
Women love to talk, so spend time at the end of the day, telling her about your day.  Even if you think is boring, she will appreciate you sharing it with her.  Even the smallest details will work. 

Take Time To Look Good
I'm sure in the beginning you went the extra mile to make an impression.  It's funny how over time, you tend to forget what you use to do and start letting little things slip.  It's funny how you will take the extra time needed to get ready for work or meet a total stranger, then let yourself go when it comes the love of your life.

Most women (including myself), love seeing a man in nice clothes, clean shaven,  hair in place, and smelling good.  It's sexier than seeing jeans and a t-shirt, or even worse - track pants.

It's The Simple Little Things In Life
Every woman loves little surprises, even if she says she doesn't.  Brew her a cup of coffee in the morning, or bring a cup to her while she's lying in bed.  Warm up a towel for her when she gets out of the shower/bath.  Leave a little note in her purse, or anywhere in the house she will find it.  Cook a meal together.   Run a warm bubble bath.  An unexpected call in the middle of the day.  Place chocolate kisses, or a single rose on her pillow at night.   See, simple and inexpensive ideas to say, I  LOVE YOU.

Smile and Say Cheese
Don't take your camera out just for special occasions.  Start taking pictures of the two of you.  If you have a stash of pictures, make a romantic photo album of just the two of you.  Sitting down and going through it will bring you wonderful memories and time spent together as a couple.

Hopefully these ideas will suddenly ignite your imagination and you will be inspired to create the Romance and Intimacy that your partner only dreamed of.

-- Romantic Ideas For Men --

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