The Pleasures Of Romantic Sex

Discover The Secrets To Put Passion Into Your Making Love

I think we all know, it's easy to enjoy romantic sex with your partner, at a romantic location.

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Let's face it, Rome, Paris and France, scream "ROMANCE"!   But, homemade romance can be just as special.

With a little creativity, you can create a romantic setting right in your own home.

A romantic evening alone, is much more than the place.  It's about spending time together, exploring, discovering and taking the time for pleasure.

Romantic sex is not like a "quickie", it takes time, so take it slow. Plan to take the entire evening or even the day to "play"!  This type of love making, takes time to sizzle!

So, indulge in nothing else, but each other and your bodies.

These ideas, are certainly not hard to learn or even difficult to create.

It does however, require a little planning ahead to show your sweetheart that they are absolutely irresistible to you!

Discover the sensual pleasures of romantic sex with your lover!

SETTING THE MOOD - Adding The Personal Touch

  • If there still happens to be kids living in the house ... ship them out!

  • Plan on a romantic dinner for two.  Cooking together can be a fun and a romantic way to kick-start your evening of pleasure.   Don't like to cook?  No problem, order in gourmet take-out!  Complete your meal, with candles, wine (of your choice) and sensual music.

  • Spend some time after your meal cuddling on your sofa together, taking the time for meaningful conversation.

    Take your cuddling to the next level - Share a hot bubble bath, together.   Surround your tub with the soft glow of candles and a glass of wine.

Sometimes, it's the simplest things that are involved when planning an seductive evening with your lover.

  • Transform your bedroom - This is what takes your everyday bedroom, to a romantic and sensual place!

Take the time, to set a romantic mood!  Every love scene needs soft lighting.  Place scented candles around the bedroom to cast a sensuous glow.  And what love scene would be complete without adding the sounds of some sexy music?  

If possible, treat yourselves to crisp new linens.  A soft 100% cotton, feels amazing on naked skin.

What extras will make your partner feel special? A bouquet of flowers, or sexy new lingerie?


Uncover the secrets to great sex - Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay -- is essential to turning up the heat for passion!

Start with a romantic, slow body massage with a warm massage oil (or flavored), while whispering seductive messages, and turning up the heat another notch!

What better way for romantic sex to begin, than taking the time to caress all of her erogenous zones, including her neck, back, butt, inner thighs, breasts and the soles of her feet ....

  • Softly rub her neck, shoulders and down her arms, while she is sipping on her glass of wine.  Pull her robe down just enough where you can now massage her shoulders and neck, while giving her soft kisses.

  • Undo her robe and pull it down slowly, kissing every inch of her shoulders, back and then down to her buttocks.  Oh, the sweet beginnings of romantic sex!

    By now you should have your partner, excited, aroused and wanting more ....

  • Continue with the type of foreplay that both you and your lover enjoy.  Or possibly this is the night to try something new!

    After all, creativity is the spice of life!


  • Continue foreplay for longer than usual ... touching, teasing, licking, kissing and exploring each others bodies.

  • Start in a sexual position that you can both look deep into each others eyes.  Let your eyes, seduce each other, to get the sexual energy flowing between the two of you. Of course the Missionary position works well for this, but there are certainly many other positions for you to consider.  Add some variety, change positions, indulge in some more foreplay, then continue making love!

  • Talk to each other.  Tell each other what you enjoy, how it makes you feel, what you want to do to each other. The language of love has no boundaries! 
  • After you climax, take the time to cuddle ... no dashing out of bed, for any reason.  Women love to enjoy the afterglow while being held in the arms of their lover! 

Seduce Your Senses With Romantic Sex

Put The Passion Into Your Love Making!

This is not rocket science, but sometimes we just forget how to have the romantic sex we once experienced in the beginning. 

For others, you are just beginning to learn the secrets to enjoying sexual contact with you lover.

It's no secret, women take a lot longer to heat up!  We love to be seduced, with kissing and a lot of foreplay!

This should open up the doors for future ideas, so let your imagination go WILD!!  The possibilities are endless!

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