Senior Sex

Is your sex life smoking hot or hardly smoking?  And if it's not, why not?  Discover the secrets to enjoying good sex at any age

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The subject of "Senior Sex" seems to be raising the bar these days, as well as a few eyebrows!

News Flash! - Sex is on the top of the list for many Baby Boomers!

If you are searching for creative ways to boost your libidos, stayed tuned, your sex life is about to get an overhaul!  

Why not try something new tonight!   The only limit is your imagination and the desire to make it happen!

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Discover The Secrets To Amazing Sex After 50 And Beyond

It's time to put aside your ideas of "sexual performance" and feelings of inadequacy in the bedroom, if you really want to enjoy the pleasures of a sexually intimate relationship.

Release your youthful ideas of what sex should be.   Besides, looking back on life, wasn't it all about "your orgasm"?   But now, it's about giving and receiving pleasure.  Taking the time to enjoy the foreplay and intimacy that's involved in sex.   And keeping an open mind, to trying new things.

If you let go of unreal expectations of your sex life, and learn how to unleash your sexual inhibitions, ... you will enjoy more passion in making love.

-- Better Senior Sex --

Been with your partner a few years, or even decades?  It's even more important for you, to continually add creative ideas to your love life and sex life!

sex after 50, senior sex, better love makin

Time has passed and your life has changed ... the everyday interruptions of children, and work schedules have eased up. (thank goodness).  You now have the time, to explore, discover and experiment with each other sexually, like never before. Now is the time to relax and enjoy one another on a new level. Why not take every opportunity to enhance those intimate times together?

Let's Face It - Our Bodies Have Gone Through Some Major Changes Over The Years ...

  • Some sexual positions may not be as easy or as comfortable as they once were.
  • You may need to spend more time with foreplay, to get aroused.  Not a bad idea, if you ask me!
  • You may also have different desires and feelings towards sex.

Consider these tips for boosting your sexual energy and awaken the desire in your relationship.

Tips To Great Senior Sex

Communication Is A Must

Talking to your partner about fears, concerns, desires and fantasies is important in an intimate relationship.

Take the time with your partner to talk about sex - if you want to try something new, now is definitely the time!  There's no time like the present, besides we aren't getting any younger.

There is a sensuous benefit to talking about sex - it can actually be a turn on, make you feel sexy, which in turn can be the beginning to some intimate play time in your bedroom! Try asking a few of these INTIMATE QUESTIONS to uncover your partner's most secretive, lustful feelings and fantasies.

Be open to new discoveries together.  This will help you both feel closer connected, and make sex more pleasurable.

Sex - A New Way Of Thinking

Obviously, sex is going to be different from when you were in your 20's - but that certainly doesn't mean you have to give up on the activity that brings you pleasure.   It just means you will have to give your sex life an overhaul!  Sex can be even more enjoyable than ever before!

Okay, so, your body isn't the same as it use to be.   You aren't as flexible - some sexual positions aren't going to be as comfortable as they once were.   So some modifications may be in order for you and your partner.

The key to a great sex life is exploring, experimenting and finding out what brings pleasure for you both to enjoy!   Of course this might mean getting creative, who knows, you may discover something you never thought you would have ever tried.

Learn proven tips and techniques, guaranteed to improve your sex-life at --Better Sex by Sinclair Institute

Experiment!   Change positions, change location, change the time of day.   Mornings are a perfect way to kick start your day!

Senior sexuality is about discovering new and creative ideas to bring into your bedroom!   Or, if you are daring ... explore sex beyond the bedroom.

-- Better Senior Sex --


As you become older it can take longer to become aroused.  So take the extra time for setting a romantic and sensual mood, by spending time with foreplay.

Foreplay comes in many forms ... start with a romantic dinner, cuddle up together and watch a "steamy" movie, or play a romantic game for two.

Releasing your sexual energy, isn't always about "getting the job done", so if intercourse isn't in the cards - try other sexual pleasures that you both enjoy.

Experiment with oral sex or masturbation (together). This type of foreplay can be just as passionate and fulfilling.

Let Go Of The Rules

Let go of the "rules of sex".  There aren't any!   For some of you (and you know who you are), it time to modernize your feelings on sex.

Senior Sexuality should be fun and playful - this keeps your relationship fresh and exciting.  Discover new sexual positions and sexual activities that you've never tried before! 

If you enjoyed an active and satisfying sex life when you were younger, there is no reason for you to slow down, unless you want to or have to, due to health reasons.

Choose Your Energy Level

Too tired at night to be turned on?  Find a time in the day, when you both have the most energy.  Since you now know, there are no rules in the bedroom, why not enjoy a morning rendezvous!

Or take an afternoon, just the two of you.  Have you ever indulged in some "Afternoon Delight"?   For those of you who think this is a cocktail - Wrong!   It's spending an afternoon enjoying sexual activities together.

Mornings are my favorite times!   When my energy level is at its peak, and we aren't rushed for time.  That's right, no where to be, except in each others arms!

Senior sexuality is alive and kicking!  Rediscover the closeness and intimacy that have kept you together, all these years!  And remember - there are NO rules, and NO expiration date for sex.

Sex Is Ageless! Celebrate!

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