Better Sex After 50

   Sex and The Boomer Generation -
The most popular sexual myths uncovered.   It's time to set a few people straight!

Wondering if sex after 50 can still be amazing, let alone achieved?  The Baby Boomer generation is showing the world once again, that we can push the envelope even when it comes to aging and our sexuality!

After all, it's no big secret - we Boomers are masters of our own fate!

Enjoying good sex in my 50's and beyond is exactly what I'm counting on - aren't YOU?

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Making love after 50, should be more emotionally fulfilling because now it's driven more by desire to be with your partner, rather than those crazy hormones!

Here's a little secret ... the MORE you have sex, the MORE you will desire it and the more in tune you will be with your sexuality.  So, make regular sex a part of your life!

Let's face it - the truth is, sex DOES change as we age, but what doesn't?

Relax, the changes that take place, certainly aren't all negative! (Do I hear a sigh of relief)?   Yes, you will face roadblocks in your bedroom, (no doubt), but with a few modifications and a bit of creativity, sex can be even more satisfying.


Well, we certainly have the extra time on our hands, to explore love making on a whole new level.  It's easier to relax and look forward to lovemaking.  We don't have the same distractions (kids), so when the moment strikes ....

When the topic of "sex after 50" arises, so do a lot of eyebrows!  Depending on who you ask, there are many myths associated with it.

Apparently, the younger generation doesn't believe we are still "doing the naughty"!

F.Y.I. - Sex Is ALIVE and Kicking For The Boomers!

Since I'm from this great generation, and I am certainly outspoken, I thought I would shed some light on the subject of Sex and the Boomers, and uncover some of the most popular myths.   It's time to set a few people straight!

Sex After 50 - The Myths Uncovered

Beyond A Certain Age (that's us) People Have Little To No Interest In Sexual Activities

Oh really?  Would someone like to inform these people of our little secret?  Sexuality has absolutely NO age limit or expiry date, the last time I checked.

The truth is, that many Boomers consider their sex life even more satisfying then when they were younger.  Which of course comes down to the intimacy they have achieved in their relationship.

With the variety of sexual enhancing products available on the market for our generation, I would say that we must be desiring better sex, and more of it!

If you are struggling in the sexual department, no need to worry ... help is on the way! My website is full of ideas and tips to inspire and enrich your relationship for years to come (no pun intended).

Sex After 50 can be more intimate, more playful and much more spontaneous, when you allow yourself to get creative!

A Woman Loses Her Ability to Achieve Orgasms As She Ages

This is quite the opposite.  Many women, including myself, find that sexual pleasure is more frequent and the orgasms can be more intense.

By now, you know what you like and dislike, and you should feel free spirited in the bedroom.  Hopefully, by now, you have shed any sexual inhibitions, that you may still be holding on to.

This has a lot to do with feeling good in the skin you live in, not being so hung-up on your body image.

And, for some of us, we discovered the Wonderful World Of Intimate Toys.  If you are still one of those women that drops your jaw hearing the word "sex toy", or you believe that they are still "taboo", make sure you take the time to bust the myths on that subject.

(P.S.) - YOU are "One Click Away To Better Sex"
Whatever your age, whatever your lifestyle, wherever you are in your sexual journey, find detailed advice, explicit techniques and exciting positions that will make sex more thrilling and fulfilling.

Great Sex After 50

A Man Loses His Ability To Get An Erection As He Ages

We are all aware that Erectile Dysfunction can happen at ANY age!

Although, diminishing hormone levels can add changes in their bodies, it doesn't mean that making love just goes "out the window".  That's what doctors are for, and of course those "little blue pills".

Aside from medical help ....

  • Men may need more physical stimulation to become aroused: sexy lingerie or a fantastic fantasy may not arouse him, like it did before.   But what man wouldn't enjoy a little more foreplay?  It's no secret, that women need that extra time to become aroused.   I guess you could say, they may just be playing catch up with us.
  • Sometimes he won't feel the need to have an orgasm at all.
  • His full erection doesn't get quite as firm as it used to.
  • The desire and frequency of masturbation may drop, but in some men, may increase.

    And yes, men over 50 are quite capable of getting a second erection, it just might take a few hours.   But, hey it's well worth the wait!

-- Sex After 50 --

Masturbation Takes Away Your Ability To Enjoy REAL Sex With Your Partner

First of all, masturbation is NOT a dirty word.   It's a healthy and natural thing to do.

And many educational sexual sites and doctors will more than agree, so don't get bent out of shape when you hear that word. Surprisingly enough, this myth is quite the opposite! Masturbation can actually increase sexual pleasure, with or without your partner. Why not experiment with this one? Adding an intimate toy, or even a romantic game to your regular routine can really spice up your sexual life!

-- Sex After 50 --

Sexual Pleasure Is A Bust, If You Don't Have An Orgasm

Women know the real answer to this myth.   You actually may be surprised to know, that many women don't climax every time we have sex!

For many women, it is difficult to orgasm from intercourse alone.   Many of us need our clitoris to be stimulated as well.  This is exactly why it's a good idea to consider adding a G-Spot vibrator to your sexual repertoire.

Aside from experiencing an orgasm, as you age, sexual pleasure comes in many forms ...

  • Physical touch
  • Cuddling
  • Foreplay 

These are all forms of pleasure.

It's time to get creative!

Not every sexual encounter is going to be mind-blowing!   Let loose of the "rules", have fun and spend time experiencing passion with your partner.

Adults Over 50 Don't Have "Hot & Steamy" Sex or Use Sex Toys

One of the wonderful luxuries of aging ... we have the freedom and time to spend quality time with our partners.   To let loose, explore and experiment with each other sexually.

We're able to shed our sexual inhibitions.

Now as far as vibrators are concerned.  One a personal note: I'll let you in on a little secret ... they are not only a "girl's best friend", but a couples journey to ecstasy!

To experience a deeper sexually intimacy, keep the communication open with each other; your desires, your wants and your needs.  Set aside time to be sexual and sensual together, and watch the magic happen!

Enjoying great sex after 50, is the Icing On The Cake!   We've spent our lives learning it; why not use it?

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