"Sex Etiquette For Boomers"

Worried your sexy bedroom skills have done a disappearing act?  Don't make these mistakes people often make.

Heading for intimacy?  Brush up on your sex etiquette skills before your next romantic encounter - it could be your last, if you're not careful.

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Can't remember the skills needed?  I know, remembering is not always easy at our age, is it?  It may have been a few years (or decades) since you have had a romantic encounter.

Where has the time gone?  Are you finding yourself (like many of us), entering the dating game once again?  The butter files, excitement and romance have once again returned to you.

Thinking of taking the next step in your relationship?  If you are heading to the Intimacy & Sex stage of your relationship, now might be a good time to brush up on your sex etiquette.   Yes, there are Do's and Don'ts  in the game of love.  Trust me!

6 Tips In Sex Etiquette

Go Sockless

Socks have NO place under the sheets!  It doesn't matter whether you've had your feet in a bucket of ice water or walked a mile in snow.  SEX & SOCKS don't mix - NOT EVER.

No BIG Bling - This goes for BOTH sexes.

Ladies - leave your big earrings, chunky jewelry and anything else than can wound your partner on your dresser.

Guys - that big beautiful watch of yours could leave lasting marks if you're not careful.  Please leave it on the dresser.

Boomers and bling in bed = a possible hospital visit at the least.

Cell Phones - Ouch!

In the past few years, Boomers have had the luxury of getting connected with the world using one of these and we all seem to love  them.   (What did we ever do before cell phones?)

BUT, there is nothing worse than a cell phone ringing during a romantic dinner with your date, but even worse ... in the bedroom!

F.Y.I. - it will kill the romantic mood, instantly!  Shut if off before you shut off your partner.

Supplies Ready?

Be prepared! Make sure your bedside drawer has all the necessary supplies to you keep you going. Tissues, lube, and of course condoms.

Yes, I said condoms.  I know, it's a new concept for you, but a very important piece of equipment for you to remember.  Don't be stupid about this!

S.T.D.'s are out there!   And more serious and popular than ever.

Take Time For A Chat

Baby Boomers have already experienced years of intimacy, and we know what we like and don't like (in the bedroom).  If you are one of the many Boomers entering the dating game, then you've already spent quality time talking and sharing on your dates.

Tell your partner what you enjoy as far as positions, sex toys, and the areas that arouse you, and let your partner know about the favors that you are and aren't comfortable with.  Be open, and honest.  Your relationship and sex life will thank you for it!

Don't waste your time "faking it".   We've all done that once or twice in our life time.   Sex should be fun as well as enjoyed!

**P.S. Don't let the word "sex toys", scare you or have you feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

Surprisingly, it is actually, just the opposite!  Let your curiosity out!  Take a look at why this Boomer (that's me) is embarrassed no longer!

No Leaping From Bed

After you climax, take time to enjoy the afterglow, by cuddling up for awhile.  Boomers have always savored special moments ... why stop now?

Even if there is going to be another round of sexual delight, you can always freshen up a little later.

When you are in a relationship and it looks like it's leading to sexual intimacy, just BE PREPARED!

Whether you remember these sex etiquette tips or just needed to be reminded ... use them wisely! And hey ... GOOD LUCK!

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