Secrets To Sexual Seduction

Learning How To Seduce Someone You Love Is The KEY To Keeping Your Relationship On FIRE

Learning the art of sexual seduction, is as important as breathing, IF you are looking for ways to keep the magic alive in your relationship ... for a lifetime!

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

No matter how long you've been together or regardless of your age, keeping sex interesting and fun in any relationship is the key to closer intimacy.

Do you desire to turn your good relationship into an amazing one?  The more you can do to make your relationship alive and vibrant, the more fulfilling and sensuous your relationship will be!

Has is been awhile since you've entertained the idea of sexual seduction?  The Good News ... It's never too late to start again!

If having an outstanding physical relationship is what you're after, tackle a few of these ideas on the art of sexual seduction, and you be well on your way, to intimacy beyond your imagination!

If you are looking for great information, and my personal experiences, on how to be more desirable for your partner, then read on.

The Art Of Sexual Seduction

It's no mystery that couples that have been together for awhile, CAN fall into that deadly trap of "routine" in everything they do, including their sex life.

Sound familiar?  You're not alone - that's just life.   But with a few ideas, you can be back in the "sexy saddle", and putting the spark back into your bedroom!

Ready to prime your libido?

I have spent a lot of time researching the subject of seduction. WHY?  I enjoy exploring the art of foreplay immensely!  Besides what woman doesn't enjoy foreplay to get her arousal level to the boiling point?

Learning how to build sexual tension between the two of you, is what sexual seduction is all about.

For most women (speaking for myself), we enjoy seduction, and we love being seduced by our partner.  It's the prelude to enjoying sexual closeness with someone we love.

The Art Of Seduction starts with your mind.  Each of you have your own opinion of what you find sensual or seductive.  So, like all things in life, you have your likes and dislikes.  Some of these ideas, you may not be comfortable with, (YET), so feel free to tweek some of these techniques to your relationship needs.

The first thing on your "to do list" ...

Step Out Of Your Sexual Comfort Zone!!!

I know this may be easier said than done.  When I took my first steps out of my comfort zone, I was not sure what the reaction of my partner would be.   "What will he think?"  "How will he react?".   Let my experience tell you; it's well worth your effort and it will definitely add spice your love life - guaranteed!

What Does It Take To Learn The Art Of Sexual Seduction?

The best ways to seduce your partner is to know your partner's likes and dislikes.  This may mean doing a little homework, but it will definitely pay off in the end.

Know what your partner finds sensual.  Ask him/her if necessary, but if you've been together for years (or decades), you should already be steps ahead.  What can you do to jump start your mojo and put the sizzle back into your love life?    The answer is plenty!!!

Sexual Seduction Is Visual

This starts with sprucing yourself up.  Dress for seduction! Wear something that makes you look and feel sexy!  Choose sexy colors and fabrics (which are also very sensual to the touch).

Take some time for a little evaluation.  Now might be a great time to consider that new haircut or color you've been thinking about.  Treat yourself to a total makeover.  Remember the hours you used to spend on getting ready when you first met your partner?

Whatever you decide to do - make it a point to be the best you can be!

There isn't one person alive, who doesn't appreciate a lover who makes an attempt to be attractive, enticing, seductive and inviting!

Your eyes can be so powerful in the act of teasing!  After all, they are the mirror to your heart and soul.  Look deep into his/her eyes when you talk.  You can communicate your desire; just by the look you give your lover.

Sexual Seduction is Taking Your Time To Tease

Consider this, the foreplay before the foreplay.

Arouse your lover's senses - caress, hold, kiss, lick, touch and explore each other.   Of course a "quickie" is fun and sexy, occasionally, but learning the true art of how to seduce someone you love, will take your love making to a whole new level.

  • Awaken all of his/her senses - Lick, kiss, suck and nibble every part of your partner's body, while they are blindfolded!  Use a feather to stroke his/her naked body, or rub on warm massage oil, for a sensual massage.

  • On your next "date night", let your lover know (at the restaurant), that you aren't wearing any panties.

  • Or again, on your next date night, wear a trench coat with nothing but a "teddy", or sexy lingerie underneath. A word to the wise ... bet you will have a hard time finishing your dinner!

  • Enjoy sexual foreplay, with whipped cream, chocolate and strawberries or edible oils.

  • Send a sexy picture of yourself to his cell phone.

  • Fulfill one of his/her fantasies.

  • Share a bubble bath together, by candlelight.

  • Slip a pair of your panties in his coat jacket.

  • At the movies, arouse your partner.   Slip your hand onto his lap and with a massage, give him a hard on.
  • Spend time kissing ... lots of kissing!

  • Unleash the thought of: "good girls don't do that"!

Sexual Seduction Is Romance

Seduction begins well before you ever make it between the sheets.  Let it all begin with romance!  Romance is essential in the art of seduction.  Never allow it to become a lost art!

You may enjoy a couple of my favorites - I love to leave sexy and suggestive notes where my partner will find them.

Texting him through the day, to let him know what I would like to do with him when he gets home.  You may actually find it more comfortable to be sexually explicit in a text message rather than out loud, at first.

Be sure to check out these other  romantic tips, and keep your relationship on fire.

Throw in as much romance as possible!  Mix it up.  Be romantic, funny, flirty and erotic.  Remember there are no rules, except the ones you make together!

Seduction Is Sexual Creativity

Discover new sexual pleasures through foreplay and sexual positions.

So many couples fall into a sexual rut, when they depend on routine lovemaking.  Is it ... if it works, why change it?  Or is it, you may think that your partner would be upset if you suggested anything other than what you are used to?

It's time to rid yourself of sexual inhibitions!  After all, you want your partner to be fantasizing, and turning to you for erotic excitement!  Step out of your comfort zone - make a few bold suggestions, pick a new "naughty" place to make love!

Enjoy total intimacy with your partner.   Learning how to seduce someone you love, is worth every minute of your time and energy!

Re-discover sexual pleasure and bring your love making to a whole new level.

The answer to "How To Seduce Someone" - Bring on your sexy and seduction mode - look sexy, feel sexy, laugh sexy, play sexy, smile sexy.

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