Simple Ways To Say I Love You
Transform Your Relationship Into A Love Affair!

Discover The Secrets To Being Romantic

WOW, your partner today with one of these simple ways to say I Love You!

For those of you, who have been in your relationship for awhile, you should be experts at love ... you have had years of practice. But have you forgotten?

How long has it been since you showed your partner that you are still a romantic?

Can't remember? Then the time is NOW, to rediscover your HOT romantic side!!

Ready To Become A Hopeless Romantic?

I love romance, (as you may know) and I'm always looking for creative ways to tell my "significant other" that I love him.

Love and Romance, never goes out of style, but it is often forgotten, until Valentines Day. Make every day Valentines Day and watch your relationship transform!

This website is for you, if you are looking for ways to improving the intimacy between you and your lover!

When romance is in the "picture" ... the spark is ignited!

Who knows what will happen next!!!!

Simple Ways To Say "I LOVE YOU"

1. Write love notes in soap or lipstick (red is the color of love) on the bedroom and bathroom mirrors. Fear not ... it can be removed with crumbled up newspaper and a solution of 50/50 vinegar and water.

For a fun twist on the same idea use an Anti-Fog product and a cotton swab to write a message on your bathroom mirror. Your message will mysteriously appear the next time your sweetie takes a shower.

2. Frost some cookies or cupcakes with sexy messages ... eg. "You Turn Me On", "Hurry Home" or "Dessert First". Maybe even start with "dessert."

3. Buy some small glow in the dark hearts and write a special message on the ceiling above your bed. They will still show up when you light the candles for a romantic rendezvous.

4. Welcome your lover home with a chalk message, written on the driveway.

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5. One of my favorites!!! Sprinkle Hershey Kisses from the front door to the bedroom, so he (she) can follow the path to an intimate night or afternoon. Make sure to put them on the bed in a heart shape.

6. Plan a winter picnic. Move the furniture, pull out your beach blanket, prepare a picnic basket ... and last but certainly not least ... a bottle (or two) of your favorite wine.

7. While your sweetie is in the shower getting ready for work ... warm up his (or her) car, or if a heat wave is in the forecast ... turn on the air conditioning.

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8. Attach a heart shaped message with a long string, to the bottom of the automatic garage door ... to say I Love You, as he (or she) arrives home.

9. Prepare a special meal for the one you love. If you are afraid of the stove ... light the candles, pour the wine and order in from your favorite restaurant.

I happen to love to cook, but ordering for this romantic evening is a must. I never want to clean up the kitchen the next morning.

10. Give your lover a foot massage. A massage is not only relaxing, but the feet are an erogenous zone, so be prepared for an evening of sensuous fun!

You need not ask the question again ... How Can I Be Romantic? Surprise your lover with one or two these simple Ways To Say I Love You, and ignite the romance in your love life!

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