How To Talk About Your Sexless Marriage

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You're here! That means you want to know how to talk about your sexless marriage. Searching for the right answers is the first step towards transforming your relationship, and begins at Today's Intimate Couple. I'm happy you're here!

Think you're sex life is pathetic? Are you or your partner just not in the mood for sex on a regular basis?

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Is sex saved for only special occasions throughout the year? Are you just going through the motions?

Know, that you are NOT ALONE! Unfortunately, there are many couples that are affected with this problem, regardless of age!

If this is YOU ... Help is on the way. One thing you need to do, is find the courage to speak up. Your sexless relationship will never turn around until you start to "COMMUNICATE".

Talking together, while extremely hard to do, is the key to changing your situation.

-- How To Talk About Your Sexless Marriage --

sexless marriage, sexless relationship, boring sex, better intimacy

As difficult as it may be, it's important that you and your partner can discuss openly and constructively about how your relationship is doing. A relationship check-up is something every couple should do, but unfortunately, life's distractions often take over.

Intimacy and sex in a relationship is a meaningful part of a relationship, and loss of sexual desire between one of you can undoubtedly and severely affect the bond between you.

Why is it so difficult to talk about your sexless marriage?

The entire subject of living in a sexless marriage is very embarrassing, uncomfortable and most often a painful subject to bring up.


  • You are afraid that you might accidentally say the wrong words and make your situation even worse.
  • You may be afraid of how your partner will respond to you.
  • Will they shut you out more, or not even be responsive to talking about your relationship?

-- How To Talk About Your Sexless Marriage --

If you are ever going to turn this sexless relationship around, you need to take the bull by the horns and sit down with your partner and discuss the matters at hand - YOUR SEXLESS MARRIAGE.

Now, is not the time to be shy, you've come a long way, it's time to change this situation - starting right now! Here are a few tips to help get you started in the right direction...

How To Talk About Your Sexless Marriage

1. Express How Much You Love Your Partner - Let your partner know, that even though your sex life has diminished you love them. This will help open the lines of communication to discuss your relationship.

2. Set Time Aside To Talk - Make sure that you won't be rushed for time, or that there are any other distractions that can kill your conversation. After all, you've been thinking about this for some time and now you are ready to open up and start making the changes in your love life that need attention.

3. Be Positive - As difficult as this might be. Set the stage for a positive conversation. Being positive, helps in getting the response you are looking for.

Instead of telling your partner "why don't we have sex any more?" A more positive sentence might be ... I love you and enjoy making love to you. I would love to have more sex and intimate time together.

4. Keep Blame Out Of It - This is not one person's fault. You know the old saying ... "It Takes Two To Tango". Keep the conversation as a couple's problem. At this point you're looking to find out why he/she feels the way they do. Blaming your partner will only shut them down to opening up to you at all.

5. Don't Threaten - Unless you are prepared to follow through, don't give ultimatums. (Divorce, separation, etc.) Talk without taking action is useless.

Last, but not least, ask your partner's opinion on what they think needs to be done to improve the situation in your relationship. This is a process that you both need to be involved in, to make the changes possible.

If you're living in a sexless relationship and wish to turn it around, Kate Dixon & Dean Mason - Relationship Authors of Fix Your Sexless Marriage, have written two books (one for women & one for men). They are written with a unique understanding of the emotional process that you are going through living in your sexless relationship.

They will give you practical help and advice. This program is designed for men and women who are seeking sexless marriage advice and who want to change their situation!

Fix Your Sexless Marriage - It could be the answer to what your relationship is waiting for.

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