Tim and Kim - Our Life Together

by Kim

I will NEVER forget the first time I met you.

Stone and I went out to the bars and two days later I came to Janesville to go out with you guys and I stayed at your house that night. I remember all the fun we had together.

I still have that feeling in my stomach when you kissed me for the first time. It was amazing and I fell in Love with you right away. And, I will never forget the first time that you told me that you loved me.

I can remember the day you asked me to marry you... We went out that night and when we got home you hid my ring under my pillow. Then you asked me to marry you and we made love that night ... what a amazing night that was!

We have a wonderful marriage and I have a lot of memories that fill my heart. We have had some ups and downs and for a little while, we lost our way with each other. But then wonderful news came ... I was pregnant with Tommy. I thought that brought us closer then ever. Our wonderful little boy was born I will never forget the roses that you gave me in the hospital, they were beautiful!

I know it has been hard to find time for just the two of us, ever since Tommy was born and that we work different shifts but that will change. I can see we have lost our way again, but lets find our way back to each other and remember the days when we were in love and no one could come between us. I want that back.

You told me that you fell out of love with me, and it crushed me more then you will even know.

I want everything back the way it used to be and I hope that is what you want too. I wouldn't know what to do without you in my life, you are my world, my rock. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope someday that you can love me back with all your heart. I don't want this loveless marriage. I want you to look at me like you used to do.... Please tell me this will work out. Lets give our marriage and life together, 100%!

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