To Andre Moutry (My Superman, My Best Friend, My King)

by Shatobeca Moutry
(Pine Bluff, AR)

Our wedding day

Our wedding day

In these nearly two years of being married to you I have learned a great deal about myself.

I learned how to love you.
I learned that every obstacle we faced, we faced together and we never gave up on each other.

We kept God in the middle and we continued to love each other unconditionally.

You are my handsome sexy delectable, charming man.
You are the man who when I gaze into those beautiful eyes, I distinguish the affection and devotion we have.

Baby you are the light of my life.
You not only love me with every inch of your heart and soul, but you show that compassion everyday of our lives.

Gerald Lavert said it best, that YOU were made to love me!
I was made to love you!
I will continue to dance in your love forever!
I am blessed and very grateful that you are my husband, best friend, prayer partner, my King, and my Superman!!!

Love you baby,
Your wife, Shatobeca Moutry

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