Women And Intimacy

Do you desire to learn more about women and intimacy? What makes you tick? How to enrich your love life? How to have a relationship that most people only dream about?

I'm so happy you found this website. It's here for YOU. To help your wavering relationship rebound or your good relationship become even better. To help you understand your man and how he thinks and why he does the things he does.

Language of Desire

Simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are... The Language of Desire

Having a GREAT relationship makes for a happy, healthy bond between you and your partner, for a lifetime!

Passionate love makes us come ALIVE inside! And having a GREAT man in your life can give you the CONFIDENCE to make your dreams become reality!

But the sad truth is, we all know that most relationships are not what we hoped for.

If you are not feeling fulfilled in your relationship, it can make you feel lonely, sad and unappreciated. But, you are not alone! And this is the place where you can start changing all that!

-- Women And Intimacy --

Let me ask you a question: "Do You Love Yourself"?

I'm a firm believer in the idea that a man is going to treat you exactly how you treat yourself! Focus your thoughts on feeling good inside. Getting past your imperfections, because we ALL have them!

Women and intimacy raises a lot of questions and concerns. It's the crazy definition debate, between the sexes!!

What Does This Boil Down To?

Men and women are designed and wired totally differently!!

A man's definition of intimacy is a passionate sexual experience. His eyes are a visual stimulant. He is aroused just by the sight of a woman.

While a woman's definition is about experiencing an emotional connection and communication. Spending time with her partner talking, cuddling and connecting. When a woman feels an emotional closeness, then arousal kicks into place.

Not to say, women don't enjoy their share of intense passionate sex, but overall, most women desire more affection! To kiss more, to be touched more, to be held more, and to experience more passionate love making. A woman's dream is to enjoy more intimacy outside as well as inside your bedroom!

Sound Familiar?

With a little knowledge and understanding in relationships and men, I hope the articles on this website inspire you to make those little changes to have the type of relationship, that most people only dream about.

Enjoy your time here with me, may you be inspired by the many articles you will find here. I hope that you will find happiness in your romantic journey!

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