You are being romantically kidnapped

by Sharma

Dear Love,

When you had first shared your feelings with me, I was quite confused whether to say a yes or a no. But today, as I look back at where we were 1 and a half year ago and where we stand today, I realise we have done much for this relationship to work out. Although we couldn’t see each other till date but, that’s okay love, your virtual hugs and kisses provide much warmth and I can’t definitely wait until the day they turn into real ones.

While I am writing this letter to you, you are constantly on my mind. Your sparkling eyes, your cute smile flashes through my mind and giving me butterflies in my stomach, and that’s what is the most beautiful thing about being in love. Isn’t it?

But our love is different. Unlike others we just can’t sit together and stare into each other’s eyes and spend cozy evenings, unlike others we just can’t hug and finish a fight, unlike others we can’t go on long walks holding hands and talk our hearts out. We can’t! And that’s what makes our love different from others. But dear love, trust me when I look at these couples around ,I miss you and literally crave for you, your love.

I know kilometres separate us but dear, never ever forget that love is the strongest feeling and it cannot be restricted by borders. Love overcomes everything. And you see, our love will also do that one day.

Dear love, I know this distance feels like a sword in your heart but trust me this is worth it. And just tell me had things been more beautiful than this if we were together? Um, I guess not. Our long late night chats, our sleepy phone calls, endless video-chats , all these makes me fall for you again and again. And this is really a beautiful feeling. It's been 1 and a half years together and I know this that I have loved you a little more every day. A little more than how much I did yesterday.

Dear love, I know we fight a lot, and sometimes arguments heat up to that level that we are ready to part our ways but pause…did we do that ever? No! This distance is a challenge because it creates communication gaps. There were times when we didn’t text or call each other for days. There were times when our ego spoke louder than our love. But we successfully managed to deal with that.

Dear Love, I know its natural for you to get insecure about us. It's natural for you to become “over-possessive” for me as we are miles apart but trust me, I just love the way you get jealous and frown making cute-but-angry faces on the other side of the phone whenever I tell you about my hangouts with my male friends.

Now tell me had we been together, would you frown this way? No baby. There’s something very special about the bond we share. The bond of being far yet so close. So next time when someone tells you that LDRs do not work out I want you to tell them it does. I want you to make them believe it does ,I want you to believe it does because it really does.

And always remember, one fine day we will be together and then when you look back upon all the struggles that we have had gone through, all the tears that we have had shed, all the anxiety that we might have been filled with, will look simply mere and then, only then we will realise, it was really worth.

Your love.

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