Young Love to Mature Love

by LaTina

It has been 12 years of marriage & 14 years of a relationship that has taken its share of bruises.

Well Hubby, I took those Vows on March 22, 2001 to be your wife, friend and whoever I need to be in your time of need.

I love You and I know that God will help us get through the rough patch because we have so much more to learn about each other and grow into the couple that everybody still believes that we are.

Yes babe, everything happened so fast and backwards. But you are not just my husband, you are also the one that helped grow our three beautiful children inside my womb.

We had great times when we were young, dumb and living life on the edge.

But now boo, we are grown, and I realized at a young age, that you knew nothing about marriage, relationships and just being grown up and taking care of a house hold.

We've made a lot of stupid mistakes, but I honestly believe that we are still that couple. We just need to take it a step further. Something that we haven't done, is take time out just for Us.

To discover each other all over again. Date all over again. LOVE all over again. And to build that Bond even stronger.

So when I look at you now and forever, I will say... "That's My Hubbby, We Did It, We Did It ....

Hunne I Forgive You and Love You and I am willing to Love you more than yesteryears.


P.S. .... Just know this came from my heart xoxoxoxo's

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